Friday, November 30, 2012


Yesterday was a fun and relaxing day!

It was a day of decorating for the holidays!

In  the chilly November morning air... the  hunt  was on  for the perfect  Christmas tree.  After  about  15 minutes of  browsing the  trees,  I  spotted the  perfect  tree. ( Kind of the  Clark W. Griswold  moment from  Christmas Vacation). There it  stood.....  a beautiful Fraiser  Fur.

Before leaving the  store, more lights  were  purchased, along with  other   holiday  things.  Then  it  was time to head back home.

The  fun begins. Unpacking boxes filled with decorations, untangling lights, checking bulbs, setting the  fresh  tree in  its  stand,  watching my babies play in the  tree skirt and  lights,  adding the  new  dome led lights to the  tree, hanging stockings, decorating  the  outdoors, and the list goes on  and on. All of course while  listening too National Lampoon's  Christmas  Vacation, one of my  top ten  Holiday movies.

When nighttime arose it was time to  turn on the lights...... Drumroll please.....(wink)

Ohhsss and  ahhhhhs.. how pretty the   tree and house looked.  An added  treat this  year  was the  way  my  new dome  tree lights  reflect throughout the   room's walls and ceilings.  Truly unique and   beautiful!

Still have  more  decorations   to add to  the  tree... for I am still crafting  some. Will for sure  show  you  when I'm  done.  And I have  yet  to  decorate  my  art studio.  Hmmmm  might  just take a lil break  later  from  sketching and painting and get my  studio all fancied up for the  holidays.

Have a wonderful day..
Until the next time.....

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