Monday, December 31, 2012

The Wonder of Wanda!

Hi everyone!

Before I forget, I hope you all have a fabulous night tonight (I'm curled up on the sofa with lappy on lap sipping at a voddie and lemonade - or will be soon!) and that each and every one of you has a wonderful year in 2013.  I have a feeling that it's going to be a very good one indeed.

Well...amongst Heather's brand new releases is this little beauty.  My Jamie absolutely melted when he met her this morning, and has been all gooey and loved up ever since.  Isn't she adorable?'s Heather's little baby girl mammoth.  I should have given Eleanor a change of hair colour with this one, to go with her new hairstyle, and then Wanda would have shown up better, but she's there - having a cuddle!  This really is a lovely digi and is easy to colour.  Because I wanted to do this style of card I had to make it really small which made it harder for me, but still managed it ok. 

This fab digi is for sale at Heather's Lacy Sunshine store right now!

If you want further information about how I made this card, please pay a visit to my blog which is here.

Once again, Happy New Year! everyone.
Take care


  1. Oh Lexie this is just gorgeous! I love the colours and the baby mammoth is a real cutie.

    Linda xxxx

  2. I so love all of these new images! this is such a cutie! :)

  3. Awesome Lexie! Loce your coloring and of course the purple too!