Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We Fight Like Girls and Two Holiday Treats.

Today, I am releasing a very special digi  today.
It's my Eleanor and Pickles We fight Like Girls Stamp.
This is a Limited Edition  Digi Stamp, available ONLY thru me, which, by the way,  is the only  authorized home of  any of my  digis and crafts.
 100% of all proceeds from this digi  stamp will be  donated to Michigan's  Relay for Life ..... Team Fighting Spirit.  Eleanor and Pickles wanted to  join  the in fight against breast cancer.
It's   very  easy to purchase my special Limited Edition Digi, which can be found below. All you have to  do is  send me  an  email to with Breast Cancer Digi in Subject line  and I will send you an invoice within 24 hours via paypal. It's just that  easy. Once I have received  your  payment, I will email the  digi stamp to you and  happy crafting!
 This digi is available for just  $3.00 US dollars.  And please remember 100% of the proceeds from this digi  will be donated to Relay For Life's Team Fighting Spirit in Michigan. This is a cause very close to my heart.
Oh by the way... I have another lil holiday treat. The following   two  digis   are  FREE for the Next 24 hours. 
Eleanor and Pickles Magical Sleigh Ride

and Eleanor and Pickles Decking the Halls

And for those of you  who   just love my  Two  FREE  Digi Stamp....  send me  an email to  with TWO FREE STAMPS  in  the  subject line and I will email them to you  within  24hours. 
Happy Holidays Everyone... Until  next time!

Any removal of my watermark or posting on other sites  is illegal and violators will be prosecuted.
Thank you.

Oh and  before I  forget.....
I really hate having to post this, but its come to my attention that some of my copyrighted images are running free out there. Piracy is theft, and the purchaser is just as guilty as the seller. If an artist can't protect her intellectual property, there's little cause to make art. Please let me know if you see any of my work out there sold or given away by any outlet other than my official site. Thanks for all our   loyal support!


  1. Oh Heather I just love this Eleanor and Pickles "We fight like Girls" digi.

    Linda xxx

  2. I hate cancer as much as I love Relay for Life. When I lived in Maine I helped by being on the Food Committee and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I'd ever had. Such a sweet digi! Wouldn't it be great on a tee shirt or sweatshirt? Me thinks so!



  3. I need the We Fight Like Girls digi! I've emailed for my copy...the more money we can raise the better and it's a fantastic digi!

  4. The Fight Like Girls cancer digi will be used on LinkUpForPink, breat cancer awareness blog. Hope to see some scrappers here making a creation using your digi and posting it on . Hugs, Joanie

  5. Are you saying that scrapbook society has no right in selling your images. I just bought 10 for $5.00. TIA Linda

    1. No one but Heather is authorised to sell her digis and artwork anymore.