Thursday, December 26, 2013


I  am sure you  are familiar with the Christmas  poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas?  The part about not a creature was  stirring not  even a mouse?

Well last night, after  relaxing and  unwinding  from  a  wonderful day  of holiday festivities,  I  began   sketching  a new  Buggmee.  Upon  finishing the  sketch of  my precious lil scrunchie moth, I closed my sketch book and  turned in for the night.  

Throughout the night I  was  awakened to  tiny scrunchings and crunchings.  What on  earth  could that be?   I  put the pillow over my head and feel asleep.  Upon  sunrise I  woke to find  paper  shreddings and  fabric threads all over. On top of that, I  found  a  couple small holes in  my  favorite  sweater!!! Looks  like  moth  holes!  In  winter???

Well  I thought, that  explained  the  noise.  But  what could have   caused it?  I   turned around  and there  sittin on my drawing pad was my tiny  scrunchie moth Buggmee.... holding a piece of  paper in   hand  and   her lil  rosy  cheeks  stuffed to the max. ( wink)

The only way  to  keep this   tiny  Buggmee from  doing   what  moths  do  best, eating holes thru things, is to show her  some attention and that is  just  what I  did!  I   spent the  afternoon  coloring her  in and pampering and  now she is most  content. Except for one  small thing....  my latest  Buggmees,  a tiny  scrunchie moth, well...... she needs  a name. And we  need your help with that.

To help name her, Lacy Sunshine Stamps is  having a lil contest.   And it's easy to  win!

Submit your name(s) for this new Buggmees  for the next  48 hours.  I  will select  one winning  name and  that lucky person will  win this adorable  new digi stamp (non -colored version).  

You  may enter  as many names suggestions  as  you  wish...via  email -  with  NAME BUGGMEES in subject line.   OR  join our Lacy Sunshine Facebook Group  and  comment to this post  there.  
Remember  you have until this  Saturday night  to enter.  Sunday I will  announce the winning name and  winner. I will  also   contact the  winner  via  email.

Please  help  name this  lil pesky  Buggmee so I  can  get  some  sleep  tonight. ( wink, wink)

Don't forget  you can  see  some of my other Buggmee Digis in the  new section to my  shop.

Hope everyone had a terrific holiday and  have a wonderful evening.


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

The  brightly decorated tree fills its corner of the room, spreading its  fragrant branches over  colorfully  wrapped packages picked for my dear family.  The delicious  scent of the baked ham and the cinnamon apples fills the  house, and the laughter and the crackling fire set the tone for our long  awaited Christmas dinner.

I love to entertain, but I  come alive for the holidays. The sights and sounds of Christmas are especially inspiring to me, along with the warm greetings of  friends and  neighbors as they  visit our home.

I want to  take this moment to  wish all of my  friends, colleagues, and fellow crafters a very Merry Christmas, and I hope that the blessings of the season bring all of you joy!

Merry Christmas,

Saturday, December 14, 2013


"One by one the lanterns glow
and stars begin blink,
glistening on the freshly fallen snow.
In the moonlight sits Wix
looking on the earth below".

This evening  I  have  a new digi  for  you.


This  cutie is  available the new section to my Lacy Sunshine Shop

Have a wonderful  evening  and Happy Holidays,

* Copyright belongs to Heather Valentin. All rights  reserved. *

Snowy Fun.

 Snow has fallen, is falling, or more is coming. They are  expecting  6-8 inches today.

I have to admit … I love snow.  Like adore it.  I get all excited like a kid when the flurries are flying.
 Nothing  better   then  looking  out the  window, sitting  with a  sketch pad  and  pencil in hand drawing  while  listening to the  fireplace crackle, while  sipping some  hot  chocolate.

Later on today  I will have some  new digi stamps  for you, once again.  So make  sure you   check back  here later or in my  shop to  see them:).

For now I have  added some  Eleanor and Pickles Snowy Fun Digi stamps.  Created last  winter  these are  some super fun stamps featuring my  ever so  popular  duo.  These  are  available in my  shop  now  at  a  Specially  reduced price... 50% off.  I  decided  in the  spirit of  Christmas to   extend my  50% off all Winter and Christmas   digis  thru Midnight tonight:)  So  happy  shopping and  then of  course  happy  crafting!
Enjoy  this  blast  from the past. These can  be  found in my  Eleanor and Pickles  section of my  shop.
Eleanor and Pickles Peppermint Sticks

Eleanor and Pickles Oopps Wrong Skates
Eleanor and Pickles Snowboarding


Eleanor and Pickles... Nutcracker.

**** Oh and Just  remember,  that the only legal place to buy Lacy Sunshine Digis is from  my Lacy Sunshine Store. Any other  place  selling my  digis is  doing so  illegally, and any money  they make on these digis is money  stolen from me. If  you  see  my  digis and  clear stamps  sold  else  where  please let me know.****

Until later on today....
Hugs, Heather

Friday, December 13, 2013


The other night I was  watching  the  Adam Sandler  movie... Bedtime Stories.

What  an  adorable movie, by the  way!

After   seeing the movie,   especially the  part  about the  raining  gumballs, I have  been  dreaming  about  the  brightly colored and  yummy gum and  my  adorable  Bubbles  Sticky  Wings  and  well... I  combined the   two  and  here  is my  new  digi.

Meet Bubbles Gumballs.

Bubble's  Gumballs  is now  available in the  NEW  Section of  my  Lacy Sunshine  Shop!

Now I'm  off to   dreamland.

Sweet dreams everyone...
Hugs, Heather


“Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people's legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world.”~ Sarah Addison Allen

 "The frolic architecture of the snow". ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Flurry, is one of my  newest  Lacy Sunshine characters. She is a  wee fairy who  flutters   her  wings  and  snow  flurries  begin.  What a  beauty  she is  sitting on a pine tree  branch  creating  a  magical  winter  wonderland.   My  Flurry  is  also the current   free challenge digi. So  make  sure  you   visit my Lacy Sunshine Challenge  Blog to  catch this fluttering  cutie.

Here are   some  wonderful  Flurry creations from my  amazing  fans.
by Erin.

by Annie
by Chrissy
by NanaConnie  
HeatherM using Lacy Sunshine "Flurry" 
By HeatherM.
By Debbie R.
By Sandy 
By Gea.
By CraftyBitsnBob 

Don't  these  amazing  creations  warm your heart on this  winter's  day?

Don't  forget that today is the   last  day  of my  50% off  Sale on all my Winter and Christmas  Digi Stamps.

Have a  wonderful  day my crafty  friends!
Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lyndsey, Becca, and Cindy Boo.

Hi everyone!

Hope  your  having a sunshiny day!

Here is Michigan... the  sun has  finally   decided to  come out.  It's been  super  cloudy and  bitter  cold today

.  About  an inch of  snow  fell  overnight and  the  high is  only   going to be in the low teens. We  are   expected to get more snow  this  weekend. Yayyy!  I  really    do  love snow especially  at night  when the  Christmas lights  are  burning bright.

Anywho   ..... let's talk  about NEW Digis!   I have  added  3 new ones to my  shop. It's  a  cuteness overload for sure.  Oh  I  forgot to mention.....they are  3  new  characters too!

Meet.... Ladybug Lyndsey!

Meet  Becca Butterfly Flowers ...a  NEW Flower Pot Pretties.

And here is  Cindy Boo's  Cupcake.

These  three  Lacy Sunshine CUTIES are now  available in  my  shop.

Happy shopping, happy crafting and Happy Holidays, my  friends.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas and Winter Digi Sale

Hi Everyone!

Just  wanted to let you know that I  am having a huge  50% OFF SALE!

From today  Dec 11-  Dec. 13... all  regularly priced  Christmas and  Winter  Lacy Sunshine  Digi Stamps are  50% off. ( Prices  are  marked)

This is  a  Limited Sale ... so  hurry and   get  your  Holiday  Digis Now.

Happy Shopping! Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

24 Sale. Water Whimzies and More

New digis  have  debuted in my Lacy Sunshine Shop  today.  And to  celebrate their debut  I  am  having  a  24 HOUR  Sale.   From  12:30PM today, Dec.10 thru  12:30 PM (EST) Dec 11,  all my  NEW digi stamps that will  debut today  will be  available for  40% off.

Here  are   just  a   few of  my  new  ADORABLE Digi Stamps  that  have already  debuted today.

Meet LILY.  She is  the  first installment to my   new  WATER WHIMZIES Collection.

Next,  CARLA  CATTAILS makes her  debut. She is the  second installment  to my  new  Water Whimsies  Collection.
Here is  Emily's Monarch Butterfly Umbrella....

And introducing  TWINKLES BOO.

These new  digis  are  NOW  available in the  NEW SECTION of my  Lacy Sunshine Shop.

More  New  digis   will be  making their  debuts throughout the   day ... so make  sure you  check my  shop throughout the  day.

Happy  Shopping, Happy Crafting and  Happy Holidays!
Hugs, Heather

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Winter Emily Shadow Box Tutorial

Today, we  have  a  fabulous  tutorial by  Denise.

Showcasing Lacy Sunshine's  Winter  Emily in a  beautiful  Shadow Box ..... from start  to  finish.

Winter Wonderland  Emily  Digi Stamp is  available in my  Lacy Sunshine  Shop and   perfect  for all your  holiday crafting needs.

I would like to  thank Denise  for this   amazing  tutorial and  if you would like to  see  more   of  Denise's  creations... please check out her  blog.

Happy Holidays... until  next time!

Monday, December 2, 2013

CYBER MONDAY... New Digis and 24 Hour Sale

Today is  Cyber Monday and  here at  Lacy Sunshine   we  are  celebrating in a  big way!

NEW  DIGIS and  HUGE 24 hour SALE!

Sale includes  specially marked new  digis and  all Christmas  digis ( 40% off)

For  all  who make  purchases for the 24 hours of  Dec. 2 ( Cyber Monday) your name will go into  a random  drawing  for  a $25 Lacy Sunshine  Digi Stamps Gift Certificate. Winner  to be  announced and emailed after  midnight tonight!

Now   for a lil  peek of  some of the NEW Characters and  Digis  that  have  debuted today.   All  are  available in  the  New  Section to my  shop at  a  specially  reduced  Cyber Monday price.

I hope you love  all of them as much  as I  did  creating them.

Introducing....  Valentina.... Giving You My Heart.

Meet Willow.

Introducing Lil Frolic and Friends! Lil Frolic  is  my Lil Fidget's  sister.

Meet Flurry.

Meet  Cindi Bunns Sticky Wings.

and  meet  Myrtle.... A Diamond In The Rough. She is the  newest  addition to my  Sweet Urchin Collection.


Several more  NEW Digis  await you in my  Shop. 

Happy Shopping, Happy Crafting and  Happy Holidays!