Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tilly the Dinosaur.

I have added two new comments to this post today (26/02/2013)

 This post was made in reply to one made on one of their blogs which made the allegations below against Heather.  This post has now been removed, though a screenshot sequence has been retained.  They also showed pictures of Dino from The Flintstones and made a comparison. 

So there is no confusion, and to put false allegations firmly where they belong, here are the facts on Heather's gorgeous Tilly.

Heather knows my son loves dinosaurs.  He lives, breathes and dreams them and, although he's only 6 he could hold a very in depth conversation with a museum curator on the subject and could probably teach them something!

I'd recently joined Heather's DT (end of November 2012) and Heather was working on new digis.  As I'd mentioned that my son would kill for some dinosaur digis, she very kindly did some.  The first being Tilly, the brachiosaurus, the second being a triceratops being ridden by Pickles.

Here's Tilly:

She was posted on our Facebook group on December 20 2012.

Here's the card I made using the digi image:

It was posted on my blog on the 7th December 2012, as can be seen if you follow this link here:
Dinosaur Fun Card

As you will see in the picture below, Heather took her coloured image (alongside others) to a show in December 2012.  Pic's a bit blurred but you can clearly see it there among the others...oh, and there's a Christmas tree.

Now this "other  artist" just a few days  ago, the 13th February to be exact, released a  copy of .... Heather's Tilly the Dinosaur.  It can be viewed on  the other  artist's  social media pages  under  the date of 13 February 2013.  You can also find it by Googling... its public knowledge.

And yesterday, Heather released this digi after having previewed it in the group on 20 Feb. This picture is taken from the preview given to our group.

2 hours ago, a very similar digi was released by  the other artist.   You can find it on the other  artists  social media  page on 24 February.  You can also find it by Googling, it's public  knowledge. are all the correct dates for both parties so the facts are there for all to see. 

Take care everyone.

PS.  Names and links have been removed by Google as someone has something to hide and doesn't want you to see them!  


  1. I left a nasty note on her blog... she is so limited as an 'artist', even if she could be called one. I don't understand why she continues to copy your artwork... she's such a bottom feeder...

  2. This is just awful - can legal action be taken? This is blatant copying!

  3. You know my feelings on this subject but all I will say is that you have had and will always have my support 100%.

    Linda xxx

  4. AA...I have sent your removed post to spam so that it is not visible on here for you.

    Thank you for your comment...much appreciated. I totally understand why you have had to remove it from the blog. We are well aware that people who comment on here and elsewhere are being contacted privately and intimidated into removing their comments, etc. We are aware that people are being contacted when they enter our challenge as well. Innocent people do not sneak around emailing/messaging people in private. They do not get their 'friends' to post sick and libelous comments on their facebook page or their blogs. They issue a professional statement themselves to clear their name, not get other people to lie for them. Bit late for that innocent person would have done so immediately!

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  6. I did have a giggle over the Dino and Bam Bam reference.. LOL.. Sorry, can't see the resemblance there myself??!! :D

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