Monday, March 4, 2013

Bunny Trail.

Soon  Mr. Cottontail  will be  hopping  down the bunny trail, once again.
And  I thought it would be  nice to  get into the spirit of things  by  giving you  an  adorable   Easter  Digi today.

This is how  my original and the  ONE and ONLY Pickles, Eleanor and Tilly  ....  wander  down the bunny trail...  spreading  Easter and  Spring  Cheer.

My Original Tilly (Dinosaur)  debuted  late last  year   at  one of my solo Holiday  art events. Since then  Tilly has  become   a  very  popular  character  of mine.  So rest  assure   you will see plenty more of my  Tilly  around. Speaking of  around.... just  keep  your  eyes  open  for imitations of my original  Tilly, Pickles and Eleanor. (The imitations  made their   debut in  Feb. 2013 and  chances  are  the imitator will  probably offer  their  "tilly" look alike free  too in the next   day or two)
They say  that   imitation is  the sincerest  form  of  flattery.  But not in this  case.  So,  I  just  wanted you  to all know...  that I  am  the original creator  of Tilly.   I know  for myself, when buying art of  any sort....I  want to  know  if  it  was  done  by the original   artist.  Anyway......

If   you   would  like  my Eleanor, Pickles and Tilly ... The Bunny Trail Digi Stamp for FREE...  all you have to   do  is be  a  follower of my   Lacy  Sunshine Blog and  Lacy Sunshine Challenge  Blog
Then  send me  an email   ( with  "TILLY" in the subject line.  Your  Free digi will  be  emailed to you   within  24 hours of your request. 

Hurry   for this   offer  is  for a limited time only.   

Have a wonderful  crafting  day  my friends and  fans!
~Until next time....


  1. So adorable!!!! Thank you so much and it's so much better getting the original.

  2. Thanks for your generosity - hugs, Karon.

  3. Thank you very much for offering this free digi. I have just sent you an email and I look forward to receiving it. I am just going to go over to the challenge blog to load the card I made with Pickles Dinosaur Ride.
    Thank you

  4. I love this digi.. I just coloured it the other day actually.. :) xxx

  5. Thank you Heather. I can't understand why anyone would want to settle for a poor imitation. Your artwork is far superior x

  6. Thanks Heather for the adorable image. So cute!

  7. oh poops I missed it ... awesome image for an easter card