Saturday, June 22, 2013


With  my Eleanor and Pickles two-week-long  celebration   coming to  a  close, I  feel it is the appropriate time to  clarify  some  ugly rumors and lies circulating  among  bloggers and  other social media sites.

Here  are the  facts....

Fact:  In  June 2012 I created my original and  one and only Eleanor and Pickles. They were the  first of my  many Lacy Sunshine Gang Characters.  

Fact:  In Fall of  2012, another  " artist"  decided to create  knockoffs of my  images. Big-headed girls with the  same  glasses  as my  Eleanor and   even went so far as to   create  a   frog..... naming both extremely  similar names to my  Eleanor and Pickles.
This  was not the  first of  my characters she  has   created that resemble my Lacy Sunshine Gang.  Another  example....My  dinosaur, Tilly, was  infringed upon too.  
When I  come up with a new series,  this "other artist" starts doing  knockoffs. I  am  not the only artist  she  has done this to and I  wont be  the last, I  am sad to  say.  
The  trail of   artists this "person"   has   infringed upon, harassed,  and  dragged our names through the   mud is  a mile long.

Fact: This "other artist's"  game is  to confuse crafters as  to  who   created the  actual  original  image  first.  All  too often  over the  past  few months I  have  had  fans  contacting  me  asking  "Is this  your  image?"  or "Who  created Eleanor and Pickles first?"

Fact:   It is  very   easy  for one to  find the  truth.  Do  your  research.  The Internet  and social  media sites,  facebook  for examples, holds  tremendous  answers.  This   "infringing  artist" claims  she has been  doing these   creations  for  several  years.  If you  study   her  work over   the  past  several  years  you can  see how  it  has  evolved.  Also  on her Facebook, these   similar  characters of  mine began   debuting in the  Fall 2012.  NOT before.  It's  public  record.

Fact:  I hold the  US   copyright  for  every single one of my images with the proper dates.  I will  do   whatever I  need to  to protect my  artwork  and  original  characters.   Period. This is  my heart and soul.  I have  told you before I am the  happiest  when I  paint and  create.  This is  what I  live  for.  It's  about  making  people smile and touching  their  lives with my  art.  I  hope it   shows  in my  work, especially the eyes.. which  are the windows  to my  characters' soul.   I  am  not  a newbie  to the  art  world.  I have  been  creating   since I  was  a littl  girl and   won my  first  art award  at  age   13.  I have  worked  with  major   companies... including but not limited to Nabisco, Coca-Cola, Outback Steak House, Sonoma Wines, Budweiser, Texas Roadhouse, and numerous children's  hospitals across the country. I have   also   had the  pleasure  to  work  on  international projects with  fellow  artists Hoyt and Wyland,  just  to name a few.

Fact:  This other  artist and  her team, in order to  succeed , have  found it  a necessity  to  maliciously  spread rumors about me, to my   fans,  and to  companies and  other  bloggers I work  with.  As  I have mentioned before in another post,  they find it  a necessity  to   stalk  me and  my  fans.  After they  see  who  creates with  my  images,  they  immediately  contact them  inviting them  to  be  guest  designer.....  even to the point of  showering them  with  free  digis! Afterwards, they   enlighten them  with a thousand mistruths  about me , trying to  destroy  my credibility. Maybe they  should spend more time coming up  with  original  art and  crafting instead of  coat-tailing on the  success  of   artist's   like myself.

Fact:  By  supporting this  so-called  artist  you  are  aiding  her  copycat   ways and   giving  the proper  credit  to  whom it  doesn't  belong to.

Fact:  Before believing in  these   malicious  rumors and lies about me,  why   don't  you come to know  me  and  ask me.  I  am  more than willing to  answer  your  questions  and provide  the  truth.

I  hope  this  answers   alot of your  questions.    

NOW   on to  some  exciting  stuff!!!!  Tomorrow   starts   Lacy Sunshine's  new  challenge  and  it's  our  LACY SUNSHINE SUPER SUNDAY... which means  NEW  digis and  surprises.

Until next time,


  1. I know who this other artist is and it is a shame. I have tried to cut off all ties, but there are some things that can't be undone. You are not the only artist that these malicious acts attack.

    Good luck. I will always support you. I may not get to color when I want, but my collection is getting bigger.

    Aletha Jane

  2. I hope this all stops soon!!!! It's really sad when creations are being copied!!! :(

  3. I agree with Vicky - it is a sad world when someone has nothing better to do than spread malicious rumors and lies along with stalking your followers!!! I'm behind you 100 percent and I can only hope that you are able to create in peace!
    God Bless

  4. Totally agree with Vicky!! Not sure how some people sleep at night with such a guilty conscience!!
    Big hugs Heathers..

  5. I am so sorry that you are continuously having to defend yourself and your art. I hope that this will come to an end soon. In the meantime - please keep creating!

  6. I am so sorry Heather that you are having to put up with this. I hope it ends soon. I bought a lot of digi stamps from this other person before I met you and now I just don't use them at all. It is sad that someone has to do this. She did join my blog as a follower but I haven't had any messages from her. I keep using only your images on my blog and none of hers. Try not to worry too much about it. What we sow we reap so something bad will happen to her one day. I don't know how she sleeps at night. She must not have a conscience . Keep on creating we all love you and your images.

  7. Just keep on creating your precious images because you are one awesome artist! Crafters know where to go. Best of luck.

  8. Well said Heather and I'm very happy to have come across your wonderful blog , shop and challenges. I love your designs you have so much talent, don't stop EVER creating. You will get justice and should never have to defend yourself, the truth wins in the end, at least you can hold your head up high. Can't wait till the new challenge so exciting, new digis and surprises, bring it on hugs xx

  9. Someone is heading for a very, VERY hard fall and it's one they totally deserve. She's ripped off far too many people now and has spread so many lies and rumours that she almost certainly doesn't know what the truth is now...if she ever did. Not that the truth is of any concern to her. I know a number of people who have been conned by her now...yep, that hard fall is approaching fast.

    And all this harassing people, stalking any of our followers or contacts...she's doing herself more and more damage. Emails, messages, spreading malicious lies...her and her team. And a few people are believing these lies which is pretty sad as it's making what are generally decent people look like fools. That's a nasty trick to play. Bribery, threats, harassment, selling images you have no right to sell, copying a number of successful artists' artwork...very obviously too. Lies about taking legal action against Heather when, in fact, it's the other way around. Absolute pondlife.

    Karma is coming!

  10. This other "artist" which I use the term very lightly indeed as she isn't an artist at all but a downright scum bag! Your talent speaks for itself Heather and please keep on doing what you do best rise above this! I know I haven't coloured for a while but I still treasure my images and will only ever buy your images as I love them. :)

    As Lexie has said Karma is coming!

    Lots of Love and you always have had and will continue to have my support.

    Linda xxxx

  11. I am so sorry going through so many Heather!I know who is the other " artist" and thank you for posting everywhere about it because through your posts I also found that the other " artist" not only copies characters but names too o.0 I just found out that she has given the same name from one of my characters to hers!!!! I only have 3 characters so far, that I never found the time to develop them further.

    How sad all these things to happen ! :-(

  12. Totally agree Lexie, all she is doing as time goes on is making herself look more and more stupid with her lies and vindictive nature. As they say what go around comes around and hers is on its way very quickly, more and more people are supporting Heather and her designs and that can only get better. :-) xxx

  13. Hi Heather. Believe it or not, I only came across your work a week or so ago, after seeing a card made by one of the bloggers that I follow. She gave a proper link to your site, which is how I found you, and to my mind, that's just how it should be. Your work is amazing and really brings a smile to my face......your little frog will be hopping over to my side of the pond (the Uk) later today! I am also a big fan of another major digi stamp designer in the USA and she wrote a long post yesterday about the very same thing - not only knocking off her work but spreading nasty and malicious lies about her too. I wonder if it is the same person?? Needless to say I think the whole situation is disgraceful and I applaud you for, a) being such a talented artist, b) sharing your lovely work with us and c)defending your rights. I hope your message gets out there and you continue to go from strength to strength. Right - time to get off my soap box now!

    Sharon x

  14. Heather, everyone else has said all that I think, you are a very very talented Artist and, please, never stop bringing Sunshine into our lives with your adorable images.

    We are all behind you and hope the "other artist"!! will get what she deserves very soon.
    Janet xxx

  15. Hi Heather, I have only just recently discovered you, and I think that your images are wonderful. I have one image that I was supposed to colour in for a challenge, but now I am not sure if the image came from you or not? I despise people who steal, cheat and try to gain credit from other people's success and that is what she is trying to do. The saying is true, what goes around comes around, and I am sure that she will get hers - sooner than she thinks. Hugs, Jen :-) x
    Krafty Keepsakes

  16. well you know that I loyally support YOU and not the other artist. sorry you are still having to deal with all of this.

    I have stopped buying from the online store that sells her stamps and supporting the challenge blogs that allow her store to sponsor them. no need for me to show any kind of connection with her in any form whatsoever....what she is doing is wrong. it's that simple.

    stand strong knowing that you have many people supporting you and the TRUTH.

  17. I was watching Create and Craft TV and one of the presenters (don't remember her name but I quite like her - she's quirky) had quite a good offer on the show so I went to her blog to see what else she sells, found her promoting 'another artist' so I came out of her shop and didn't buy anything. I will not knowingly buy anything from this shop or the other person - I love Lacy Sunshine and don't care who knows!!
    You hang in there Heather.

  18. Chin up Heather, YOU know you are in the right and WE know that too, what goes around, comes around, I just hope hers comes around soon!

  19. I had purchased several of your images through another website/network, and while searching for more about you, I came across Lacy Sunshine. Didn't understand it all, but figured I'd purchase through you in the future, and that's what I've done, probably too many times. LOL

    I really like your images, I enjoy reading the blogs of the artists whose images I like. Makes it just a little more
    "personal". I was concerned when you started with the melancholy bunch and hoped it was a transitional phase into more Lacy Sunshine, which is exactly what it seems to have been.

    That said, What is meant for you will be yours. It's hard to believe that when you're feeling taken advantage of, but it's true. Take whatever steps you need to protect yourself, and chalk whatever you feel you've "lost" up to experience and a lesson learned. You're sure to reap much more as you move forward conducting yourself in an honest manner.

  20. It's true I've always been confused between yours and '' S.... B....'''s one. They are pretty similar even with the name of the frog!!!

    Did'nt realize that before I bougt more than a thousand digi stamps over the years even those one!!! Well from now on I will Boycott the digi stamp store who sell those S.... B... Besties!!

    Good luck my dear and your work is way more cuter and better than hers!