Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today is  another   dreary   day in  Michigan.  It   feels  more like   Autumn  then  summer.   I  saw on the  news   today  that  there  was a   chance of   snow  snow  flurries in   Idaho!  What??? In   July???   That  for  sure  has to be  a new   record. 

Truly  the  way   the  weather has been   been   this  year, I  am beginning to think  winter  is   going to  be upon  us in no time and  it's   going to  be  a   harsh one  at that.    

But  with the   chill in the  air....  its hard  not to  think   about   getting  a  nice  hot  cup of  apple  cider  and  settling in to   do some  serious   holiday   crafting.  No time  then  the  present  to  start  creating  Christmas    cards.  

So today's    digi of the  day  is  perfect  for the holidays.  My very popular  Eleanor and Pickles  are  getting into the  holiday  spirit in this   digi stamp titled....Christmas  Surprise.

This stamp  is now  available in  my  Lacy Sunshine  Shop. 

Happy   crafting  and  have a terrific  day!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Joy To My Heart.

Last night I    received  a  very special   email   from one of my   fans,  who  wanted to   share  with me  her  son's   work of  art.    Ethan colored  my Emily  Winter Wonderland  digi.

Ethan's Masterpiece.

While   reading her   letter.....  my  eyes  filled  with  happy  tears.   Why   tears???  Because   my   art is being  enjoyed.    This is  why  I  am   an artist.    The  greatest   reward   for me   is knowing , my  fans...  of all  ages,   enjoy  my  work.  

So  I  want to  thank   Ethan, his  Mom and   sisters  and   all my   fans   for  enjoying my   work  so... it   warms   my heart  more than you will every know.

Keep up the   great    work Ethan and I  look forward to  your  next   masterpiece.

Have  a  wonderful  day.....

Sunday, July 28, 2013

City Girls.

Mark your   calendars  for  on August  18th, 2013 

City Girls will be making their  debut 

to my Lacy Sunshine Stamps.

Until  next time....

Mid Challenge Inspirations. Introducing Mansi.

Hi Sunshine Girls.

I hope  everyone is having a  great  weekend.

As you know   today,  on my   Lacy Sunshine Challenge Blog...    it showcased  the rest of  my   design  teams inspirations.  Please feel  free  to  check  them  all  out as they are  all  amazing! 

Today, I  have  some  new digis   in my  Lacy Sunshine Shop for you.   I hope you  like them  as much  as  I did  creating them. 

Also,  I  would like to  introduce you   to my  newest  character.... Meet Mansi.  Her  name in  Hopi means  "plucked flower".   I  so  enjoyed  creating  her.  

After  having lived in the  Southwest  for  numerous  years... I have  a  great  fondness  for  Native  American  Culture.    So  rest  assure  you will be   seeing many more like her in the  very near future.

Mansi   and  Cub  Digi  Stamp  is my  Lacy Sunshine  Digi of the  Day.
She is  available in my  shop now. 

Have a  terrific    day and happy  crafting.
Until next time...

Friday, July 26, 2013

Garden and Greenhouse.

I just  came back inside  from my watering  and weeding my   garden  and tending to my   orchids in my  greenhouse.

My   flowers   are   doing   so  well.  The  sunflowers  are  growing  nicely and  oh my   orchids are  too.  To  date I have   24  orchids.  Besides   silver  roses, orchids    are  my   favorite plant followed  closely  by  Sunflowers. Oh.....  I  almost  forgot  about  snap dragons.

My sunflowers

As I  was  tending  to  my   flowers,  my mind  drifted to my   flower pot  pretties. How  adorable and  fun  they  are to  color and  craft  with.  I tried to think  what  my   favorite  flower pot   pretty  is  and  after   several   minutes of reviewing   each of them.. I have  to  say  Mari  gold and  Violet. Even though  I   love  each one I have  created.. there is  just  something  about these  two  that touches my  heart  more so.

So  today   we just  don't have one   digi  of the  day  we   have  two......
Here is my  Mari Gold   Flower Pot  Pretties Digi  Stamp

and   Violet  Flower Pot  Pretties.

Both  are  available in my  Lacy Sunshine  Shop.

Here   are  some   cards   created by  some of my  fans  and  design  team  members  which   feature these  adorable unique   cuties of mine.  Enjoy   the  wonderful  eye  candy.

Until   next time....

By Janet

By Jill

By Manderly

                                                                               By Mandy

By Meredith

By Sherry

By Vicky

By Lynn

By Margaret

By Aletha


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Witchy Fun.

Can you believe only  97 days  till Halloween.  

The magical night   when   lil  ghosts, goblins  and  witches will roam. 

Such  a  fun and  spooky  time of  year.   I  so love  Halloween or  All  Hallow's Eve. 

Pumpkin  carving.  The  trick or treaters.  Scary  movies.  Wait  back up....  I  watch  scary  movies  all  year long. ( wink).  Costumes.  Bobbing  for   apples.   I  so  can't   wait till October  31. 

So being  in a  witchy mood... I   went to my   art  desk  and  created   my  latest  digi  stamp.

Introducing  Eleanor and Pickles Witchy Fun.
This  precious   stamp  which    features my   favorite  lil  witchy  girl is now  available in my   Lacy Sunshine Shop.

Here  are   some  other   Eleanor and  Pickles  stamps  that   fit  this  season.

 Eleanor - Lil Witch

Eleanor- Trick or Treat Flight

Enjoy  and have  a  wonderful  crafty sunshiny  day!

Until  next time....

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Curly Sue.

Curly Sue   is one  of my   favorite  characters  to  date I have  created.   

While drawing her I   just   fell in love  with  her   curly  locks. As  with  most of my   characters there is an aspect  of me in   each.  I  guess I  can relate  to  Curly  Sue  hair ....for growing up my  mom  always  made  sure I   had   some   type  of   curls... well  atleast  thru  elementary  school

  I have  been   told  by  fans  that   my  Curly  Sue   draws  them  in....  saying  she   speaks to them.  
So   I  ask  when you  look  at   Curly  Sue  what    draws you to  her....  
Is it her  curls?  Her  eyes?  .......

Below  are some of the  Curly Sues I have   created... which  are  all  available at my  Lacy Sunshine  Shop. 
Which  is  your  favorite  Curly  Sue that I have  created?

Curly Sue Lioness

Curly Sue Victorian Christmas

 Curly Sue Flowers and  Rainbows

and here is   Lacy Sunshine's  Digi of  the  Day........  Scrappin' Sue

Have  a  wonderful   day my  fans and  friends.....  Until  next time....


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Future crafters

A  few  days  ago some    future  crafters  had  a blast  creating with  my  Lacy  Sunshine  Stamps. 

The  children, who's  ages   varied  from 5  to  11,  had  such a ball  coloring and embellishing  at  their  crafting   class.    Upon seeing their  wonderful  creations... my   eyes   twinkled and  huge  smile  came  across  my  face.   Their work  is  FANTASTIC! 

So  today  I  wanted to   share with  you  the   wonderful  talent of  our  future   artists and  crafters.   I hope  it   brings  a smile to your  face   as does mine.

A  special   thank you  to  Jules for having  Lacy Sunshine  participate in this  special  project.

Harrison-  Age 5

Emma-  Age 11

Georgia - Age 5

Brianna - Age 10

Abbey- Age 11

Ebony - Age 7

Chantelle - Age 11

I  do believe  the   future of  crafting  will be  in terrific hands  with  work like this.

And before I  end  today's  post  let  me  share  with  you   my  Lacy Sunshine Digi of  the  Day....

Emily Winter Wonderland.
She is one of my   favorite I  have created   to  date and I   do believe    she is perfect  for  your  winter and holiday   cards.

My  Emily  Winter Wonderland is  now  available in my   Lacy Sunshine  Shop.

Have  a  wonderful   day.

Until  next  time my   fans and friends....

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dorina and Bardolph.

Hi Sunshine Girls.

Hope you  all had  a wonderful   weekend.

Today I  would like  you all to meet  Dorina and  Bardolph.   

Per a  request  from one of my   fans....   this   lovely  digi  was  created.

For those of you,  who shall we  say  love  Halloween  or  the  darker   side of things, I am  sure   you  will  love crafting with this one:)

Since I  am  a huge Halloween  fan, I   really had  fun creating  this  digi  which is  now available in my   Lacy Sunshine Shop.

Until next time....

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Snarly Pines Gnomes On Vacation.

Hi  everyone!

Hope you  are  all having a   sunshiny terrific day!

Today.. is  Lacy Sunshine Shine  Super  Sunday!
That means........  drumroll please....


This week's  creations  features my team... TEAM HEATHER.

Enjoy   the peeks of some of my  new  digi  stamps released  today  along with the  wonderful and   fun  Gnomes on Vacation   Creations   from  the  first half of my   design team. They  really  did  a  terrific   job!







and our GDT Naomi has made this stunning card for us...thank you Naomi!

Make   sure you   visit   my Lacy Sunshine Challenge  Blog  and  visit  my  store  to see  all the  new  digis.

Have a  wonderful   day    and  happy crafting!
Hugs, Heather