Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Curly Sue.

Curly Sue   is one  of my   favorite  characters  to  date I have  created.   

While drawing her I   just   fell in love  with  her   curly  locks. As  with  most of my   characters there is an aspect  of me in   each.  I  guess I  can relate  to  Curly  Sue  hair ....for growing up my  mom  always  made  sure I   had   some   type  of   curls... well  atleast  thru  elementary  school

  I have  been   told  by  fans  that   my  Curly  Sue   draws  them  in....  saying  she   speaks to them.  
So   I  ask  when you  look  at   Curly  Sue  what    draws you to  her....  
Is it her  curls?  Her  eyes?  .......

Below  are some of the  Curly Sues I have   created... which  are  all  available at my  Lacy Sunshine  Shop. 
Which  is  your  favorite  Curly  Sue that I have  created?

Curly Sue Lioness

Curly Sue Victorian Christmas

 Curly Sue Flowers and  Rainbows

and here is   Lacy Sunshine's  Digi of  the  Day........  Scrappin' Sue

Have  a  wonderful   day my  fans and  friends.....  Until  next time....



  1. Love curly sue she's beautiful hugs xx

  2. I do not have a favorite Curly Sue, and I don't think I could pick one. What I do like about Curly Sue is the attitude she has, but at the same time you can tell that she is ever so vulnerable.

  3. You could be twins! both of you are beautiful and fun! xxxooo

  4. Wow!! I love ALL your Curly Sue images, Heather. If I had to pick a favorite I would maybe say the Victorian Christmas. She's so beautiful and elegant. Then again...I love the Scrappin' Sue because she's having lots of fun playing! As to the question "what draws you in"; the hair catches my attention first but the eyes definitely hold it! LOVE the eyes! :o)

  5. Oh Heather I love All your Curly Sue characters...but especially love Curly Sue Lioness...they all have that sweet innocence look in their eyes and gesture that draws me into their wonderful world of imagination. And Curly Sue Lioness reminds me that you can look sexy with an sweet innocent sophistication. Love her...bye for now got to go order

  6. She's a girly girl, like me. And I get all crazy over coloring those curls all different colors.

  7. oh I love curly sue! it is the curls and the sweet face and well just everything really LOL :)

  8. I LOVE Curly is the curls, the beautiful big eyes and well just everything really LOL :)

  9. Definitely her eyes drawn me in, shes great, love all of her images :-) xxx

  10. Love all your Curly Sue characters. My favourite is Scrappin Sue. My mother used to curl my hair every night when I was at school and I slept in the bobby pins. That is probably why I can't stand anything in my hair now.

  11. Hi Heather, if I was to pick my favourite, I would say that my first favourite would have to be the Victorian Christmas Curly Sue and then I would pick them in a row, as I don't just have one favourite. Hugs, Jen :-) x
    Krafty Keepsakes

  12. They are all adorable but I think my favorite is Victorian Christmas, or maybe Scrappin Sue or.....LOL...Love them all!!
    Hugs, Renee

  13. definitly the curls my fav one is the victorian Christmas :D

  14. Most certainly the Curls, I love all the Curly Sue's reminds me off my mother putting a perm in my hair when I was 17months old, you would think I would not remember that, but I do remember her putting me in my cot, with jaggy curlers in my hair, and my dad leaning over and taking me out...memories eh, so that is what I think of when I see your Curly Sue's xxx