Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today is  another   dreary   day in  Michigan.  It   feels  more like   Autumn  then  summer.   I  saw on the  news   today  that  there  was a   chance of   snow  snow  flurries in   Idaho!  What??? In   July???   That  for  sure  has to be  a new   record. 

Truly  the  way   the  weather has been   been   this  year, I  am beginning to think  winter  is   going to  be upon  us in no time and  it's   going to  be  a   harsh one  at that.    

But  with the   chill in the  air....  its hard  not to  think   about   getting  a  nice  hot  cup of  apple  cider  and  settling in to   do some  serious   holiday   crafting.  No time  then  the  present  to  start  creating  Christmas    cards.  

So today's    digi of the  day  is  perfect  for the holidays.  My very popular  Eleanor and Pickles  are  getting into the  holiday  spirit in this   digi stamp titled....Christmas  Surprise.

This stamp  is now  available in  my  Lacy Sunshine  Shop. 

Happy   crafting  and  have a terrific  day!



  1. She's just too cute...oh, and Pickles is too! Lovely image, Heather! :o)

  2. I totally agree with Nancy, they are so cute!!! Both are just thinking "please buy me & start your Christmas cards" ;)
    Fabulous Heather, as always
    Marg ;)

  3. Lovely Heather. It is winter here in Sydney and they said that this July was the warmest for a long time. Hopefully that doesn't mean a hotter summe.

  4. Super cute Heather, love this image, you are so talented hun xxx

  5. Awwww...I love it...those two are adorable.
    They make me smile

  6. Eleanor and Pickles are my fav! They are cute anyway you draw them. You are one very talented lady. Going shopping....LOL.