Monday, July 29, 2013

Joy To My Heart.

Last night I    received  a  very special   email   from one of my   fans,  who  wanted to   share  with me  her  son's   work of  art.    Ethan colored  my Emily  Winter Wonderland  digi.

Ethan's Masterpiece.

While   reading her   letter.....  my  eyes  filled  with  happy  tears.   Why   tears???  Because   my   art is being  enjoyed.    This is  why  I  am   an artist.    The  greatest   reward   for me   is knowing , my  fans...  of all  ages,   enjoy  my  work.  

So  I  want to  thank   Ethan, his  Mom and   sisters  and   all my   fans   for  enjoying my   work  so... it   warms   my heart  more than you will every know.

Keep up the   great    work Ethan and I  look forward to  your  next   masterpiece.

Have  a  wonderful  day.....


  1. That's really nice. He did a great job.

  2. I spent most of my week coloring my lacey sunshine girls. I'm not a card maker, so they usually end up in the box I put them in for when I will make a card. (HUH???)

    I like your work. I found it at another place and found you here because I wanted to find out more about the artist.

  3. thank you for your wonderful creations and bringing out a new love in my special man! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. thanks to you honey for your wonderful creations and for bringing out a new love in my special man :)

  5. Oh such a sweet card colored by such a talented young man.

  6. Well done Ethan, fabulous work, I can see why you would have "happy tears" Heather xxx

  7. What a great card by Ethan, an artist in the making. Hugs, Jen :-) xx
    Krafty Keepsakes

  8. Another artist in the making here.............