Friday, July 12, 2013

Tired of the Rumours and Malicious Lies.

Tonight I  am  addressing  a very important  matter.

Numerous  fans   and  client  of mine,  even  vendors affiliated  with  myself and my company  Lacy Sunshine Stamps, have  received emails or  instant messages from  Sherri B., certain members of  her design team and  fans,  maliciously  attacking  my  name and  company,  spreading  countless  lies about me... which by the way   is  character  assassination.  Included in  these  emails is  a letter   from  her  attorney  saying that   I  will be  sued etc.   ALL OF THIS IS  DONE  in  secret  emails  and  groups. " The  BEHIND THE  DOORS  approach".

Why  hide it? The  answer,   because  people  who  have to  hide and   spread  lies  behind  closed   doors  are   nothing but  troublemakers and  more.

So  I thought it   was   time to  share  with the   world  what  Sherri and   her  attorney  sent me on May 23, 2013.  See I  have nothing  to  hide.  I  am not the one  spreading  malicious  lies, defaming  ones  character  and   attempting to  destroy her  company. I am  not the  one  stalking, bullying and harassing people.  I  am  stating the   truth, as  I  have   always done and will continue  to  do in order  to protect  my  art, my  name and my livelihood.  Everything  stated in this  letter is  a play by play of  what  has  been done to me  and I have  all the proof backing up my   claim.  Also  let me  mention.... this is  basically  the  same  letter  countless of  other  fantasy  artists including  digis  artists  have  received over   the past  several years... except the  dollar   amount  changes.

As I have  stated  countless of  other  times,  I  am  tired of the  lies   being  spread  about myself and my  art.    I  am  tired of the   assumptions being  made  about  me.   If you  have  any  questions... about   me,  about my   original  art and/or   my  company,  I am  more   than   happy   to  answer your   questions.  I have  nothing to   hide.   My   art is my  life. It is  my heart and  soul and I  will  take all necessary  steps in  protecting my   God  given  talent  and  my  life.

Now enjoy  the   reading.  Also   let me  add  NO lawsuit has been filed or  is  pending  against me, never  has.

Attorney at Law
Friday, May 23, 2013
Heather Valentin
Re: My client: Sherri Baldy Designs
Dear Ms. Valentin:
I represent Sherri Baldy.  I find your near obsession with my client and her business almost unbelievable and bordering on Cyber-Stalking. You signed a contract with my client for her to sell your work. You decided to branch out on your own and breach the contract. But you were not content to simply operate your own business, you felt the need to make daily defamatory remarks about my client.
Over the course of the past several months we have been monitoring and documenting your slanderous, defamatory and malicious remarks relating to my client.  You have disseminated these statements on your blogs, various social media sites and websites. You have not only defamed my client you have also encouraged others to republish your defamation and slanderous statements as well. You have also contacted my client’s vendors, customers and design team attempting to solicit business from my client.
We demand that you immediately cease these malicious attacks on my client.  If you do not immediately remove all defamatory statements relating to my client and/ or any of her companies, a lawsuit will be filed against you for an Injunction, Defamation, Slander, Unfair Business Practices, Harassment and Interference with Contract.
Your activities of bullying, name calling, and your defamatory statements were made with the intention to harm the reputation of my client. You have also accused my client of very serious charges such as fraud, criminal activity.  
More serious are your statements that my client has violated your trademarks and copied your artwork. This is very easy to disprove by simply looking to registration or publishing dates. My client has registered much of the artwork you are claiming as an infringement prior to you entering this business. When you are proven wrong in court, we will be entitled to receive as damages all money you have earned on your later created artwork which infringes on my clients registration. This is  in addition to the damages you are causing by disseminating these fraudulent accusations to my clients vendors.
Although  none of your accusations have any basis in reality, each one was intended to harm my client and her business. Your behavior and activities over the past year  have caused substantial financial damages to my client. You have put my client in a position where she has lost sales, has had to defend herself, she has suffered embarrassment and humiliation and has lost business opportunities due to your false accusations and slander.
 It is clear that you maliciously intended to cause my client financial harm and emotional distress. We estimate her damages to be well in excess of $100,000.
As we stated we can document each and every one of your posts, use of Labels, Metatags,  and statements made by you and those others you have encouraged to republish. Each one is a separate and distinct cause of action for defamation and slander of my client, her company and her Brand.
My client is fully willing and financially prepared to take you to court to rectify the damages you have done to her company and her Brand. We are currently engaged in filing the lawsuit for your breach of contract with my client’s company, “Scrapbook Stamp Society”.  If you want the breach of contract  and all of the other aforementioned,  pending actions to all go away, you must take all of the steps to fully comply with this demand letter.
 If these are not removed within 48 hours of the date of this letter we will begin legal action.
This will be our only attempt to resolve this informally, you will not receive a subsequent demand. If you make any attempt to remove a blog and then start a separate blog elsewhere with one of you alias’s or by having any of your design team members do so, we will immediately proceed with filing suit. You must respond that these actions have been taken down and all mention of my Clint anywhere has been removed and that you agree to never contact any of my client’s licensors, vendors’ clients or design team members about my client,  her company or her work again.
As I previously stated in my last letter your actions are actionable. We will be suing you here in California. We will be asking the court for money damages, punitive damages and any and all profits you have earned in your site. This is your last opportunity to correct this situation. Unless you immediately remove all your defamatory postings and issue a public retraction we will file suit in 48 hours.

By the  way  this  letter   was  never   signed  by  her  attorney and  was  only sent to me  via  email.

Now   that I have   stated the  truth,  I  hope this is  the  LAST TIME  this issue has to be  addressed.....   Tomorrow    I will have   NEW  digis in my Lacy Sunshine Shop along  with a  special  treat  for all.  Now  I  am   heading  back into  my   studio  to create more  art,  something  I love doing.




  1. Oh dear... Big hugs Heather.. You know where I stand on this matter..

    *shakes head and walks away quietly before saying something I may regret*


  2. oh sorry to read this is still going on!!!

  3. Oh Wow .. All I Would Say If It Was Me Cajun Whoopass ... Sorry I Will Be Nice . I Sorta Retract That Statement .... :-) Huggs Girl Hope Things Get Better .. :-)

  4. I am so sorry Heather. I hope this stops soon.

  5. I'm with you Heather..[shaking my head and walking away too....]unbelievable..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  6. Hmm I find this very interesting,Sounds like no lawyer was involed just a made up letter, doesnt even sound professional, And there is another very popular Artist that has trouble with sheri B saying she has copy her designs to make her digi's think there has be legal action on that..And Im so sorry you have to go threw this

  7. AWE Heather, so sorry you are getting this hassle, I love you Digis, and I hope that you overcome, and win the WAR, love and hugs xxx

  8. The fact that this was not signed and was emailed shows that it was not done professionally and only as a scare tactic, and a pretty lame one at that. Heather you know we are all behind you and stand by all the beautiful designs you have done. We have all seen for ourselves that your designs have been copied by this person weeks later so who is obsessed with whom i ask? This letter is only fit for the bin. Hugs

  9. Sorry to hear this still rumbles on Heather, and I agree that if you have nothing to hide you don't stab people in the back!
    Glad to see with all this adversity you have kept yout dignity and still manage to produce beautiful artwork!

  10. You also know where I stand on this Heather, and as Meredith, I'm sitting on my my hands before I say something I shouldn't.

    Just can't believe this is still happening xx

    Jill xxxxx

  11. There is no way this is an official letter Heather, any real attorney would cringe at this nonsense. We are all behind you and know the truth. Big hugs xx

  12. Everyone knows exactly what I think of all this, so no point in saying it all again. Heather knows she has my support. I can't stand liars, thieves and people who sneak around doing things behind other peoples' backs.

  13. Just sending you big hugs and hope this puts an end to it all.

  14. Heather, I am sorry you are still getting hassled by this "woman". I am behind you 100% and never believe a word she/so called lawyer say. Keep strong
    Janet xxx

  15. gosh, this is ridiculous that you still have to deal with this matter. absolutely ridiculous. hold your head high. truth will always prevail. stand firm and don't let them get you down. just shoo them away like the pesky flies they are.

  16. Hiya Heather,
    I, too, am so sorry that you are still going through this mess with Sherri B. As we have already spoken about this via emails with each other Im not surprised by her actions. I do think, however, that this is just Sherri trying to "put you off your stride" as your images keep getting better & better.
    Please, try & keep doing what you are doing & carrying on with your beautiful her what you are made of & that you are not afraid.
    Love always,
    Marg B ;)

  17. This is ridiculous. I have never heard of a lawyer sending an email about a client. They just sent that email to scare you because the client has no grounds to stand on.
    Ppppppffffffttttt! It;s all bullcrap!!

  18. I like your stamps better. The heads are not on wrong. Yours are prettier in every way. I think she needs a life. this is silly. I would advise you to get a lawyer thou. It may be needed. Edwina

  19. I would bet that letter was not written by any lawyer. That woman is mentally ill and needs a DOCTOR. And you know what they say, like attracts like...
    I've been harassed by her "fans" myself, after writing a blog post about her ripping off Saturated Canary images. They are a small, sad group of jerks who deserve each other. I believe in karma, so I know it will all work out in the end.
    Sending you a big hug. Peace.

  20. P.S. No real lawyer would say "your actions are actionable" - I am actually dying laughing over here.... *sigh*

  21. I actually read that to the end and question nearly every line! There is no way on gods earth a Solicitor in the UK would sign that! no wonder it was an unsigned letter/email! that was clearly sent by someone with a chip on their shoulder! not only an unprofessional letter but an unprofessional approach!
    Now down to some serious business, buying your latest images!

    Lu aka (petal lu) xxxxxx

  22. New to this whole thing, just stumbled across is today but I can assure you that this is a total load of rubbish, there is no such thing as defamation law in the US, citizens are protected under the constitution and have the right of free speech, only the UK have Defamation of Character and Slander laws which date back centuries, any UK lawyer worth his salt would know this and would not be so frivolous as to try and sue you in California or in an fact any other state in the USA. Right always wins and if you have done nothing wrong then you clearly have nothing to worry about - just try and put it behind you and if you receive any more e-mails/letters that you can recognise about ths matter - BIN THEM and move on.
    Hope this helps,

  23. Sherry has defamed her own name even more with this action.

    Every time I see one her images I think about how mean she is. I have not or will ever purchase or use one of her images.

  24. She sounds like a dog a lot of bark and no bite.She is watching my blog also after I seen her blog and explaining her work her book publications Blah Blah Blah I wrote a comment and she wont publish it wasn't nasty just my thoughts.But if your not saying what she wants to here she wont post.I was a fan intill I seen all this stuff so I did research on my own and you can see when she started drawing it looked like crap and her work today looks like yours.made me think twice about her and her images its sad that someone who cant draw copys anothers even if they tweak it its not something they came up on their own.Im sorry your going through this with her but stay strong and keep doing what your doing

  25. I wish I would have seen this before buying anything called "beastie". The discounts advertised were not applied to my order. Sherri refuses to respond and I am out of money. The only thing I can do is continue to contact her to try to get my money back or product. Once that is done I will never visit her site or order another thing. I wish I would have known.

  26. So sorry to read about your problems. Just breath, put only positives thoughts on your mind and focus on your art.