Thursday, July 25, 2013

Witchy Fun.

Can you believe only  97 days  till Halloween.  

The magical night   when   lil  ghosts, goblins  and  witches will roam. 

Such  a  fun and  spooky  time of  year.   I  so love  Halloween or  All  Hallow's Eve. 

Pumpkin  carving.  The  trick or treaters.  Scary  movies.  Wait  back up....  I  watch  scary  movies  all  year long. ( wink).  Costumes.  Bobbing  for   apples.   I  so  can't   wait till October  31. 

So being  in a  witchy mood... I   went to my   art  desk  and  created   my  latest  digi  stamp.

Introducing  Eleanor and Pickles Witchy Fun.
This  precious   stamp  which    features my   favorite  lil  witchy  girl is now  available in my   Lacy Sunshine Shop.

Here  are   some  other   Eleanor and  Pickles  stamps  that   fit  this  season.

 Eleanor - Lil Witch

Eleanor- Trick or Treat Flight

Enjoy  and have  a  wonderful  crafty sunshiny  day!

Until  next time....


  1. ohhh love them they are really awesome witches!!!

  2. All of them are really delightful, Heather! :-D

  3. lol, I adore them!!! Am off to buy Witchy Fun!!
    Marg ;) xx

  4. Fabulous images as always Heather, wish my paypal account worked, they messed it up big time :(, xxxx