Friday, August 9, 2013


 One of  my  favorite  authors is Master of Horror  himself.... the one and only Stephen King.

Currently  I  am  engrossed into  his  newest  book  titled  Joyride.  For  those of you  not  familiar with  this  book the  tag  line  from  his book sums it all up..... Who dares enter the  FUNHOUSE OF FEAR!    Need I  say  more.... LOL

Every night before I  meet  Mr. Sandman, I  normally  read   a  few  pages to  unwind. Plus  books have  a  way of  being  incorporated into my   dreams or should I  say nightmares....  another  great  way to  feed my  creativity.   However  after last nights  reading it it is  safe to  say I  will not be  reading this book at night anymore....LOL.  Almost to  the  end of  a  chapter, I  jumped,  flung the  book thru the  air and  laid  their  wide  awake in the  dark LOL.  So much  for  sleeping.   I have to   say  bravo  to  Mr. King.   The only  other book  that  had that  effect on me   was  his Bag of Bones.

So how many of you have read  Joyride?  What books are your reading  presently?

Anyway did you  know today is   National Book Lovers Day?

Never  knew  that   day  existed until I  was  in Biggby's  Coffee Shop  the  other  day..... getting  a DELICIOUS   Neapolitan  Cafe Freeze ( a guilty pleasure of mine) and  saw it on their monthly  calendar.

So I thought today's  Digi of the  day  should be  none other than my   Eleanor and Pickles Love Books.... which is  available in my newly remodeled  Lacy Sunshine Shop.

Have a   wonderful day!
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  1. I too am an avid reader. I have read Steven King books and every time I say never will I read another. Yeah right! I still read them. LOL! I haven't read Joyride yet. I just started reading Lethal by Sandra Brown. TFS!

    1. I (like Carol) am another avid reader, but I do not and cannot read Steven King books, I am a coward. lol At the moment I am reading Don't Blink by James Patterson. I go through so many books and I am always on the lookout for something different. Sorry girls, it definately WON'T be Steven King though. lol Hugs, Jen x
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  2. Sandra Brown Is Good Too .. Read Some Of Hers.. I LOVE!!! Did I Say LOVE Stephen King Between My Hubby And Myself We Have Two Huge Bookshelves Of Books And Almost One And Half Filled With Stephen King..Haven't Read The Newer Ones Hubby Has.. But Not Sure About Joyride.. Oh My Heather Bag Of Bones Was Awesome Lol . I Am Currently Reading Charlainne Harris . *Dead Ever After * I Love Her Books Based On True Blood Series .. I am Hooked But This Is The Last Book . Poops

  3. Oh I love that picture will have to give the books a go :)
    Vic xxx