Thursday, August 29, 2013

Copyright fraud.

Today I need  to address an issue about  a  rival artist.

All of my   followers  know that  I  parted  ways  with SB  almost a year ago due to her  breach of  contract.

I  have  fought tooth and nail to protect my  work  and  characters  and will continue to   do  so.

Today,   she posted on her  stamps  facebook  page  this  image  of  her GLITTERELLA  sitting on   a pumpkin   with  her PINKles.

 Glitterella  has    had  a name  change ..... its  now  Ella   with a  copyright  of 2005.    THIS IS  COPYRIGHT FRAUD  which is a   federal offense.

Visit Glitterella  here  at  her SS Store.
 This will show  you the original  pic  of  Glitterella  not  ELLA!

First  she has not been creating  digis  since  2005. She  has only been  creating them  for a couple  two to three  years when her  store opened.  Secondly   her version of  MY  ELEANOR and PICKLES  (my   most popular  duo)......   never  ever  existed until  late last year when   she infringed  on  my  copyright   with her  Ella and PINKles.

My  fans  and  the public need to be  aware  of this matter.  Why  on  earth  does she   find it  necessary to  lie to  her   fans and commit  fraud? Why  does  she  have  to infringe on other's  work  to make  a buck?

Attorney has been  contacted and  she will be  reported to the US Copyright office.

August 30, 2013-
Just  would like to  add.... This   artist's Ella and Pinkles officially  debuted  Dec.3, 2012. Period.  (According to her social  media  posts).
Her style of  drawing was  like Glitterella, view  all her  previous  work. Then in   fall 2012 her  Besties debuted with  an  Ella and Pinkles  that  resemble  my  very popular  duo. Totally  different  style for her.

Let's  see... other infringements....I release an  Eleanor  Indian girl  holding  a  basket of  fruit  on Nov. 2, 2012...  Sb  releases  one  very similar Nov. 8, 2012.

I  debuted my Eleanor, Pickles and Tilly Dinosaur in  a  Solo  art exhibition in Nov- Dec. 2012 . SB  creates  a  knock off of my  Tilly   which officially  debuted Feb 18, 2013.  Just  to note-  I  am not the  only   artist over the  years   she  has    and is  doing this to either.   Truly  sad.


  1. I'm so sorry you have to go through this!

  2. I find it so very sad that she has become so very popular apparently by stealing other people's images. I have never heard anyone say anything good about this woman and I just don't get it. Why is she doing this? I see she has stamps, dolls and now a doll coming out for the Franklin Mint Company. If she is indeed stealing all these images, why can't anyone stop her?

  3. She is obviously obsessed with "getting you" I think a lawyer is the quickest way to handle her. Karma is a witch, just sometimes slower to come around, but she will visit miss Baldy in due time I am sure.

  4. I am sorry this is happening Heather.

  5. I have to say she is going to great lengths to explain and deny this on her blog. But you know what they say about people who protest too much! If she only knew about the file I have on her, I was on to her for about two years, and people think you wont notice on the WWW?

  6. I am shocked. More and more of the Besties DTs around in several countries too. Why do peeps join these teams if it is fraud??