Friday, August 30, 2013

Desert. Southwest.

For over  18 years I resided in the  Southwest.  Surrounded by  the amazing  native american culture.

Navajos, Apaches, Hopis are just  a few of the  tribes.
An amazing cutlture. How they  lived off the  land and their  spiritual beliefs.

Growing up  I   wrote numerous   reports and  crreated tons of  projects  for school   featuring  native americans.  Their  history is  so  rich.

Tapping  into a subject I love... I   created by  Indian  Maidens  series,  which  is  perfect  for   fall,   which is  fast approaching.  I  so  can't believe  that    leaves  are   already  starting to  change.

Here  are   a couple  wonderful creations  featuring  my Ayashe indian maiden  and Lil Feather created by my   amazing  fans.

 Their coloring, layouts and  color selections  are  perfect for this time of  year!

Created by Melissa which   features my Ayashe Indian Maiden Digi stamp.

 Created by  Sharon

I  so   enjoying   see  what  my fans  create using my  digis.   A  special thank you    to  these  two   crafty   ladies  for  sharing  their creations with me.

Before I  end this  post  let  me  share the  digi of the  day with you ...... and  that is   my
Ayashe  Indian Maiden and Lil Feather which  can   only   be found in my  Lacy Sunshine Shop
Have a beautiful day  everyone and happy crafting!
Until  next time,


  1. It was a delightful pleasure to create with such a beautiful digi!

  2. How wonderful for you to live and grow up out there.
    I have always had a fascination with this culture and just love your new maidens. A cousin, who reckons she is psychic, says I was a Native American in a previous life!!!