Saturday, August 3, 2013

Update on my Blogs Picture Removals

For   some  good news.  I  was  notified,  that   some of the  photos and  widgets  that   had been  removed  in   the  wee hours of the morning, yesterday from  both  my Lacy Sunshine and   Challenge blogs,  have  a  great  chance  of  being  restored, though  they   said  it might   take a  few  days.  They  are  reviewing the  time period  of  when  my   passcodes  had been   changed along  with  tracing the   source.  Picasa web  albums  have  been  ruled out especially   since my  artwork images,   a few  design  team   and  GTD cards,  some  widgets and  various  posts  had been randomly   removed.

With my  blogs in the public  eye and the  gap-toothed  state  they  were  left,  I  had no  choice in the  matter   but   to  make  a  statement as  to  why  so many images and  things  had  been  removed  and  that  the matter is   being handled.   Other  matters about  a  past  contractor  are not being  aired in  public by me.  That  matter  is   confidential.



  1. Oh my goodness! Sounds dreadful. I was on a DT where a member left and then everybody else ( including the owner) had all their admin privileges taken away! I hope you find a resolution and that your path forward is a happy one. Looking forward to the new digits! X

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  3. Erm that was digis spellchecker again! X

  4. Oh Heather, when will this ever end for you???
    I truly wish I could help you
    {{{{{{really big hugs}}}}}}}
    Marg B ;((( xxx
    Cards By Marg

  5. My Lovely One
    Do not be discouraged......... fight on for you are in the right!
    We will support you, your true friends who follow your Blogs with love.
    Take heart and stay strong...