Monday, September 2, 2013

Baby Boo.

A few   years   ago  I   created  my  Baby  Boo original  painting  featuring an  adorable  Halloween  Theme.    Here is  a picture of  the original  painting which sold  which I   hand painted with  acrylics on a  beautiful beveled oval  canvas.

It's been a  tradition of mine  each  year  to  create a new  Boo or  two. 

After Pumpkin Boo  ... came  Franken Boo  and Kitty Boo.

Here is a pic of  the original  Franken Boo painting ...   which also sold and  is  a mixed  media  piece.. created on   stretch  canvas with  watercolors, acrylics,  inks and colored pencils.

Today   two new  Baby Boos   debut in my Lacy Sunshine  Shop......

Meet Angel Boo

and meet Christmas Boo.
These   two  Boos  along with Pumpkin  Boo  Digi  are   now available in my  Lacy Sunshine Shop.
Heather's Pumpkin Boo

I hope everyone has  a wonderful  day! Happy  crafting!
Until next time....