Friday, September 13, 2013


Let's  talk  about   Eloise  and what  I  drew my inspiration from.....

But   before I  telll the  tale of  Eloise.....  I would like to  take this opportunity to   introduce you  to my  newest   Sunshine  Design Team Member...... Aletha!  

Here is  her   wonderful  Eloise  creation... . and  you  can  find out more   about  this   wonderful   designer  at her   "darker" blog.

Now  on to the   tale of  Eloise.

Eloise  Asylum is  a  bit of  Dark  History  for   Michigan. 

Here is  a  great   link  about this  haunted  Asylum.   Freeman B. Dickerson, named this   asylum  after his   four year old  daughter.      

 There is  very  little   that  remains   standing.  Here  are   recent  pictures  which I   took   of  Eloise's  Red House and  the  factory  buildings.


I hope you   enjoyed this  bit of  history and  what   was my   inspiration for this  haunting  Curiosities character.

Until next time....
Lady Heather


  1. WOOHOO! Congrats Aletha! Fabulous coloring as always. Thanks for the fun history lesson about your inspiration. xxD

  2. Welcome Aletha, I only recently found lacy sunshine too and I am loving it. Looking forward to seeing your inspiration.
    The story behind Eloise is fascinating Heather, really enjoyed reading it's history. Hard to believe they even had a school and that to begin with they didn't separate the sane from the insane.

    1. I know. Cant even begin to think how they did that. If you do a You tube Search on Eloise Asylum yo can find some interesting clips too.

  3. Thanks Heather for inviting me to join your talented team. It means the world to me.

  4. Thanks for the insight into Eloise Heather it is nice to see where you got your inspiration. It has been an interesting collection and I look forward to colouring up and creating with some more Lady Heather Curiosities:) x
    hugs Nikki x

  5. Welcome to Aletha, a wonderful challenge blog to be a part of in the DT. Fab bit of history for me too Heather, thanks.xx