Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday The 13th. Lady Heather's Curiosities Debuts.

It's Friday the 13th.  

Considered to be  a  very unlucky  day. But  today  at  Lacy Sunshine Stamps we  consider it to be a  very lucky day for....  our artist Heather Valentin's   dark  alter   ego "Lady Heather" has resurfaced to the world, from her  elusive chambers, bringing  to us  her "Curiosities Collection."

Words  that come to mind when  used to  describe this  deliciously  dark  yet  fun  collection  are....

Hauntingly beautiful.  Shadowy.  Gothic.  Scary yet  fun.

Those  of you   who appreciate the  darker  side of things, will  love this new  collection.

And for those  looking  for   misplaced  souls, zombies and other oddities  for your  Halloween cards and projects will love this  section too. 

Now  before  we   journey any  farther into the  dark  mind of Lady Heather.... let it be  known  Lacy Sunshine is only  stepping into the  shadows  for this  superstitious day and  of  course   Halloween.  Lacy Sunshine  will  return to   its  bright  sunshiny  self tonight at  midnight the  witching hour.

Now  let's  take a look  at the  deliciously  haunting, mysterious and  fun  inspirations our  Design Team has  created  with the "Curiosities".

What  fantastic inspirations from  various member's   of our Lacy Sunshine Design Team.

At this time I  would also like to say ... Thank you to my wonderful dt  for  all your  hard  work and  dedication.

Now let's journey on to  see some of the NEW  Lady Heather's Curiosities Digis  that are  debuting today. Some have a  very interesting history... which  throughout the  day    you will learn  about in  other posts made on this blog.

Let's meet......  Eloise.
Lady Heather  drew  her inspiration   for this character from  the  haunted Eloise Asylum in  Michigan.

Next .... meet  Sadie.
Lady Heather   drew inspiration  for this character   from a  chilling    haunted tale from  North Carolina....  which  will be revealed to you  later on.

 Meet Myra Mains...... Take a look  at the  name and  say it  slowly( wink). Did you get it? My Remains. ( just a  lil dark  humor, which I  got from my  dad.)

Next meet Camille... a  Melancholy Moppet ... a  forgotten  soul.

And meet..... Marie. 
These Curiosities and Moppets,  along with many  more are waiting for you in  the Lady Heather's Curiosities Page of  my Lacy Sunshine Shop

Enjoy your  day,  crafty mortals.

Until next time....
Lady Heather


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! OMG that was so Awesome!!.. The music was PERFECT!!!
    Job well done everyone!!!

  2. Awesome work Girls :) totally stunning :)
    hugs Ria

  3. OMG!!! these are all just FABULOUS! Love the music you used on the video. Amazing work, ladies! Gotta go shop! xxD

  4. This video was amazing! You have a very talented DT, if I say so myself, and you are amazing with your camera, besides being a very talented artist. That music was perfect. Thanks for letting me a part of this.