Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Digis

New digis   were just  uploaded into my Lacy Sunshine Shop!

I would like to  introduce you too....

Annie who is the first  installment to my   new  collection titled Sweet Urchins.

Next meet  Rory.  She is the  second installment to my  new Sweet  Urchin Collection.

Then meet  Lula The Ladybug.
These  digis   along with  some other new ones  can  be found in  the  new section to my  Lacy Sunshine Shop.

Happy  crafting and  have a wonderful  day.
Until  next time...


  1. Heather.... they are so beautiful!!!! Congratulations on what will be some more fantastic images that will be the talk of the town!!! Lovely <3
    Marg ;) x

  2. OMGOSH how CUTE are these???? I'm off to scope out the new ones!! :)