Thursday, October 10, 2013

Snow globes and more.

Snow globes.

Something  so  fun and  magically  about them.

Taking the globe in your   hands, tipping it  upside down, gently shaking it and flipping it  right  side up   watching the  snow flakes, or  glittery pieces fall.

I  LOVE  snow globes and  over the   years   I have   collected  quite a  few.

There is  one   snow globe I  would love to have  and  that   would be  the one  from the  Tim Allen  Christmas movie titled  The Santa Clause.   Some one  surely  must  have  made a replica   from the movie.

Anyway....  Since I  love    snow globes   so   I thought I  would  create   something  unique for crafters.     SNOW GLOBES  PNG Digi Stamps.    How  totally  cool, right?  

Take a  Lacy Sunshine Stamp of your  choice set it  in one of my Snow globes and  you    now  have a magical  unique  digi stamp  to craft  with!!!

Tonight I have   filled my  store  with  a  few  new  digis....

Meet Honey Winter Bee Sticky Wings and Bee Hive Snow Globe. You  can  find  these cuties in the new section of my shop.

Here are my  other NEW  SNOW GLOBE PNG DIGI STAMPS....

Scrolled Holiday Snow Globe
Jack - O -Lantern Snow Globe
and last but not least  Peppermint Holiday Snow Globe.

SPECIAL! From today October 10th, 7:30 pm EST to Tomorrow October 11th, 7:30 PM EST any regularly priced digi order will receive my new Beehive Snow Globe PNG digi Stamp for free. 
 When placing your order please do not add the Beehive snowglobe to your cart... it will automatically be included with every order. Thank you and happy crafting! 
Until next  time....


  1. Great digis Heather. thank you for the offer of the free one.

  2. These are just beautiful, Heather! xxD

  3. Oh wow Heather what a fabulous idea, who doesn't love snow globes hugs xx

  4. I totally love them Heather ;) you are amazing ;)
    hugs Ria