Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trick or Treat.

We  are just a  few  weeks off from Halloween. One of my  favorite  holidays.

I have  already  started,  in my  spare time  decorating my  house. 

Hand painted  wooden  Candy Corns ( which I  made)  are   lining my  garden. Bushes  covered with  spiders webs and a  ton  of   lil black and glow in the dark  spiders   added too.   Lighted  Spider webs and  other   lights  have also been added to the   house.  And  let's not  forget about the  windows!  This   year I have  added  Zombie  Window  coverings...  With  Do Not  Enter and  Help Me  on the panels too! 

Yes I  will have  pictures to  share with you  real  soon:)   I  am looking  forward to  visiting the  pumpkin patch. In search of that one  special  pumpkin  which will  of course  have to be   bigger  than  last year's  197 lb.   Always  have  to  break   the  pumpkin size   record  each  year or   atleast  try too.

Can you tell I    really   get into the  spirit of things. Maybe   being  born on  Halloween  has  something to  do with it!

Anyway   to  stay in the  spirit of  things  I  would like to  spotlight Lacy Sunshine's  Guest Designer  Vannessa.

Using  my Candi Corn Sticky Wings Digi Stamp, Vannessa created an ADORABLE and  BEAUTIFUL Halloween  Card and  Trick  or Treat Bag.

My Candi Corn Sticky  Wings is  my  Challenge #18 Digi Stamp which is available  at a  discounted price  for  the next few days. You  can  find   out  more  about my  current   challenge at  my Lacy Sunshine Blog. 

So  what   kind of  crafty  Halloween or  other   projects  are  you  working on today?   For me  I  am  working on  a  card  which  will feature my  ever so popular  duo Eleanor and  Pickles  as Batty  Bats.  Here is a  lil   sneak peak of  me  coloring this  adorable digi  of mine.  I  created  digi  at the  end  of  September  2012.

I am  looking   forward to sharing my  finished project with you in the  next couple of  days.  

This   digi, my  Eleanor and Pickles Batty Bats, is  a FREE  DIGI  to  all  who  email  me  for the  next  24 hours  at   with  Batty Bats in the  Subject line.   Tomorrow  October 4, at  2pm EST  this   FREE Special  Treat with  end.

Have a   Boo-tiful day!
Until   next time...


  1. You were born on Halloween!? How totally COOL! I adore Halloween, too. Can't wait to see more pix. Vanessa's project is fabulous. Just love what she's done with Candi Corn. And OMG! Eleanor and Pickles Batty Bats is too stinkin' CUTE! Thanks so much! xxD

  2. Heather, thank you so much for showcasing my GDT project. I had so much fun creating them both and Candi Corn was a delight to colour - she is just the cutest little Hallowe'en fairy ever!

    Can't wait to see your finished project either!

    Hugs, Vannessa x