Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sweet Urchins and Clear Stamps

Hi everyone!

I have  some  new  digis  to share with you in addition to  a  preview of my  2014 Spring  Clear Stamps Collection.  

First with the digital stamps,  which  are  now  available in  the new section of my Lacy Sunshine Shop.

Introducing.... Mikey Sweet Urchin.. the Milk Boy.

Meet Molly Ice Fishing Digi Stamp.

And now here  is a lil  glimpse into  my  2014  Spring Clear Collection.    Four  stamps  available now. These  images will only be  available in  clear stamps.

Introducing  Ilsa Sweet Urchin.

Meet Lil Peanut XoXo.
Meet  Lil Fidget's It's A  Spring Thing.

and last but not least  meet... Rory.. Sunday Delivery.

Enjoy  and  happy crafting....
Have a  wonderful day!
Until next time..




  1. These are totally awesome. I forgot about the fidgets in my list of clear stamps. Great minds think alike. LOL

  2. wow this are all adorable, so talented hugs xx

  3. Aww. How cute they are. Rory - sunday delivery sort of reminds me of my youngest daughter.:) Hugs, Lene