Thursday, May 30, 2013

How I Store My Beloved Promarkers - by Lexie.

Hi Crafty Peeps!

hope you're all ok and having a good day/evening/snooze depending on where you are in the world.  We have so many wonderful followers and friends from all over the world that it's hard to keep up at times.  I really do think that it's about time you all adopted GMT as your time.  After IS the proper time!  Lol.

Anyway, today I'm going to show you how I keep and protect my fabulous Promarkers as it will work for all your pens.

When I had Spectrum Noirs (really don't like them) I kept them like idea I pinched from several people on the Net, including my other boss Paula Holifield.  This is a fabulous system and looks fantastic:


It really does look great and there's plenty of space BUT I like to sit on my sofa to colour...and I like disappearing to Yorkshire or The Lakes every now and then and wanted to take my pens with me.'s what I came up with:
 A 19" toolbox.  Can't remember the exact price but it was about £14.  It's a real solid Mama, and will keep my babies safe and sound for me...and it's so easy to carry around and have open by the side of me whenever I'm colouring.
With this one, there is plenty of room in the top part for scissors, glues, embellies and things so you can carry on crafting while on holibobs.

And here's the inside.  I've not got it quite perfect yet, as for now I'm using two little strong cardboard square units I bought from Wilkinson.  They did have four little drawers in each of the units (there are two in my box) but I removed them and put in some cardboard dividers to try and keep my pens in some sort of order.  It's not perfect but I'm working on something better.  At least the colour groups are together...except for the limited edition ones but they are all together in their section.

As you can see, there is plenty of room for the full set of Promarkers (I have about the same amount again in spares...oops!) as well as extra blenders and a few Copics (not a big fan of them).  Also, alongside the boxes there is a case containing my set of Graph It Warm Greys AND masses of printed images either waiting to colour or been coloured.  When I went away, they sat on top of the pens and I took a load of spares in that section.  There is plenty of room on top of the pens to be able to do that.  I also keep my colour charts on top.  There is masses of room, which is great as I'm waiting for them to bring out more Promarkers, lol.  

So, that's how I keep my markers safe.  There are some beautiful boxes out there which are perfect for the job BUT I use my Promarkers with the fine nibs and most of my pens have them fitted and they don't fit in the other options because of the nibs.  This is also MUCH tougher and there's lots of room.  It was perfect when we went to The Lakes a few weeks ago, and I didn't have to worry about breaking or losing anything.  

It's still a work in progress.  The internal boxes are a little cramped so I'm going to have a look around for something else to replace the cardboard boxes...maybe some cups glued to the bottom?  Shall have a look around.  Also open to ideas if anyone has any.  

AND I still need to pimp (decorate) my box.  Right now I'm too busy using the pens to even worry about that, lol.  

So if you're looking for a cheap but very safe and useful storage solution for your markers and want the container to be useful and not just pretty...then go grab yourself a tool box! Also...if someone tries to grab your markers you could belt them with the box and they'd soon back off!  Lol.

If anyone has any other marker storage ideas or can suggest something to make mine better please leave a comment with your idea.  We love reading your comments.

Take care everyone.
Happy crafting!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gnomes of Gnarly Wood.

What is  it  about gnomes that  everyone  loves and must  have one in their  garden?

Its it their   hats and   outfits?  Is it because they  are  magical lil  people? Their   sparkling  eyes  and  chubby  cheeks?

For  me I  think it   is   all the  above!

My magical  Gnomes of Gnarly Wood   were  created to bring   smiles to  peoples  faces and  brighten their  lives.

Today I  like   to  introduce   you to  my new   Gnomes of Gnarly Wood......
Here is  Finkle...Under The Mushrooms.

This   adorable Finkle is  now  available   in my  Lacy Sunshine  Shop along  with   a bunch of   other    Gnarly Wood   Gnomes.

Have  a  terrific  day and   bring   a smile to  your   heart   create with a  gnome.

Until next time,

Monday, May 27, 2013


Hello everyone.

I need to  say  something here.  I have  been  quiet  about this, because I  abhor childish games, but members of a competitor's design team  have been stooping to contacting members of MY design team and  fans and   spreading malicious rumors  about me and my  art.  They also  seem to have a near obsession  with myself, my  team and  fans, following  our every move.

If I take  the   time, I can  easily  refute all of the gossip.  Claims made about my  artwork can be refuted by checking my copyright registry.  But my  time is  valuable so let me  say this:

I  value my  design  team members and  fans and  I  apologize for any attacks made on your  blogs, emails and  other social medias concerning  your  affiliation with me.

Please   document these attacks with  screenshots or copies of their emails, because I  have  gathered enough evidence to  proceed with  charges of  cybercrime against the  source of these attacks, any  anything  that you can  contribute will aide me in my  case.

I  have  had images stolen  and  sold by the  source of this  gossip and I   am pursuing a  copyright violation against  this person.

With  this  being   said,  I  want to  say  thank you to my design  team  and  you my  wonderful fans   from the   bottom  of my   heart  for your  continued support.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mythology, Sticky Wings and More.

Hi everyone!

I hope you are  enjoying   your weekend.

I have  been  a  busy bee in studio  and   I  have  a surprise  for you  today!

TWENTY NEW digis   have been  released for our  Lacy Sunshine Super Special!

I  have  loaded  my   store   with a  wide   variety of   digis  for all your  crafting   needs....  so  please   come   on over to my  Lacy Sunshine  Shop  and  see for yourself. And please feel  free to  let me know  what  your  favorites are. 

Here is  just a lil  peek of  some of my newly  released  digital  stamps. Enjoy!

Meet Moonbeam Faun.

Meet BUBBLES ... a new  Sticky Wings.

and  here is   Abby- Summer Fun in the Bayou.

Here is  Emily- Raining Frogs.


And  my new Bugz- Lacy Sunshine Graffiti Artist and  her boyfriend... Seth.. aka Bigzi.

More   digis   await  you  in my  shop.  
Enjoy, Happy Shopping and  Happy  crafting!

Have a terrific day and thanks for being a fan!
Until next  time,

**All images/ artwork, copyrighted and sole property of Heather Valentin.
Pur Imagination/lacy Sunshine. llc.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Storage solution for a small budget

Good morning everyone!!!  It’s Friday!!!! TGIF ;)  So today you’re with Crafting Vicky.  Heather asked us if we wanted to share tips, tutorials, etc. with you guys.  Well I don’t do tutorials… I’m a really bad teacher.  I guess that is why I became an accountant lol.

This request had me thinking what on earth could I show that would be of interest to you guys?!?  I finally thought that I would show you some outside of the box storage ideas!  This is the 1st one that I’m sharing with you guys.  It’s a shower wall soap holder.  Close but much cheaper looking than this one because mine was purchased at the dollar store.

I removed the suction cups from the back and installed it on my wall next to the stairs to go down.  It’s a narrow space so this is just perfect and it fits in all my little jars of Robin’s nest dew drops (I’m totally addicted to this stuff!!!) and it’s also where I put my mist and alcohol ink bottles.

Here’s the finished and installed look:


What do you think of my outside the box idea?  Are you going to be looking at some stuff differently now when you go to your dollar stores? ;0  Not everyone can afford the expensive storage… so little storage idea for 1$ is pretty cool in my book especially if it’s for areas of my room that would otherwise be empty because they are too narrow to put anything else.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone and see you on our fabulous FB group for some chat about this idea!




Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's So Special About Pngs? - Lexie.

Hi Folks!

Hope you're all ok?

All busy, busy, busy at my end.  Heather's such a slave driver!  Lol.

Today I want to explain why png files are so fabulous.  So many people don't realise how much fun you can have playing around with them.  Yes, you can just print them off onto a bit of white card and use them exactly the same as you would with a jpg, BUT why stop there?

Hopefully, this will explain why I suggested to Heather that we provide the Lacy Sunshine digis in sets containing a jpg and a png.  In reality, if you have a png you don't need the jpg but so many people are used to using them that they are more comfortable if they have both.  Jpgs are can print them out and colour them and make the most beautiful cards with them, but why stop there?

Pngs are exactly the same thing as a jpg but without the white bit around the actual's removed so that you can layer the png digi over other digis or backgrounds.

For this one I had a little bit of fun creating a Gnomes of Gnarly Wood scene.  I used the My Craft Studio software (lovely and easy to use) to do this and also used one of their background papers from the Bunny Snuffles CD.

How cute is that?  Lovely Larry is visiting the lovely Nana Nancy and he's not come empty handed.  I'm sure Nana Nancy is pleased by the visit as she's been working hard in her garden! 

Using software like Serif or MCS, you can manipulate the digis...change their size, change which way they are facing, put them in front of or behind other digis...basically create your own scenes and have a bit of fun.  Just could have a the Gnomes of Gnarly Wood having a huge party or getting up to all sorts of mischief...even make little comic stories for children using the png images.  Pngs enable you to bring your imagination and humour into play.  They enable you to do things that are not possible using jpgs unless you are really into spending ages fussing cutting and layering up your cards.  With postage prices these days, cards like that are becoming very expensive to send.  But with pngs you can take some of the cost away by enabling you to just layer up where you want to NOT where you have to.

The design above, is just a quick one, but you could go the whole hog...add hills in the to blend the mushroom house in with the ground a little better...add more shadows...the only limit with pngs is your imagination.  This is the reason why I asked Heather for Digi Bits.  The Digi Bits help to create the scenes...they provide background and other relevant digis to use with your main digis.  We'll be adding more to the collections so that your imaginations can soar even higher.  Once you've designed your scene you just print it out and colour the digis.

Not only do pngs allow you to create scenes but also they allow you to add a patterned or coloured background to your digi before you colour it.
Just place your digi over a coloured or patterned background in your software, print out and then colour the digi.
Add dimension by adding drop shadows in the software before printing out.  Add some text, add a flower digi or anything you like.  Just let your imagination run riot and have fun!

Some of the Lacy Sunshine digis are available in pre coloured form (like the lovely Adelaide - Melancholy Moppet above) so if you are not happy with your own colouring, or are making a last minute card of project, then use one of them in exactly the same way. 

AND, as well as the above ideas for your pngs, you can use them in your software programmes to create your own backing papers.  Stamp the images all over a page on the screen and print it off and colour it...or ink it or anything else you want to do with it.

With png files your imagination really is the only limit!

I use both Serif Craft Artist 2 and My Craft Studio software.  Generally, I'll use the MCS as it does most things I want and quickly.  Serif does more things but is more fiddly so I keep that for whenever MCS can't cope, which isn't often!  All the above were created using MCS...very quickly and easily.

So take your pngs into your software.  The MCS software comes free with all the My Craft Studio CDs apart from the Click, Print and Go ones, and they usually have some at very low prices.  So if you don't have any software then that's the way to go as it's so easy to work with once you've learned the basics...and it is basic.  MCS have very good tutorials if you get stuck too.

So there you have it...why pngs are so much more fun than boring old jpgs!   Give it a go.  If you're not already with us in the Lacy Sunshine Facebook Group, come join us and show us what you can come up with using your Lacy Sunshine pngs. 

I hope you liked my png post and that it's been of use to you.  I'll be taking the regular Thursday spot on here, so if there is anything you would like me to waffle on about then please leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.  

Stay safe everyone and happy crafting!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Relay for Life Update.

Hi everyone.....

Here is a Relay for Life Update.... I received this lovely email.. and wanted to share this with you.

Hi Heather!

I was fortunate enough to win one of your paintings (the cityscape) at Relay for Life yesterday and just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting up so many items for the silent auction. You're super talented and I can't wait to hang my new painting!

Thanks again,
Carrie B.

You know......I have the BEST fans<3

Thank so much  to  all   who participated in  my Lacy Sunshine Relay  for Life  Fundraiser!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Washi Tape. A new obsession?


Okay.... it's  time to dish about Washi Tape.....
not Wasabi(the  spicy condiment for sushi).

Both come  from Japan.... but this  wonderful product  is  making  headlines in the  crafting  world and  making  crafters  from around the world swoon in delight.

What is  Washi Tape?  

The  best way  I  can  describe it is.. something   like masking  tape.  Masking   tape  that comes in  a glorious  array  of  patterns and colors.  It's normally  acid free,  mostly transparent, you  can  write on it  with  ease  and comes in a  variety of  widths. How  totally  cool  is this?

So what is  washi  tape  made of?

 Most commonly from the bark of trees that are native to Japan.... the mulberry, the mitsumata shrub or the gampi tree, washi  can  even  be  made from  other  natural materials like hemp or bamboo.

Even though  its  a paper  tape... is  it  strong? 

Washi  tape is  multifunctional and  strong. Yes, at times  very  strong like  duct  tape!

So  what  can you   use   this  wonderful Washi  Tape for? 

Paper crafts like  creating   cards and scrapbooking.    Use  Washi tape  to highlight  something or  use it in  place of   ribbons  when you  wrap  a  gift. The   possibilities  are  endless.

Can  Washi  Tape be  an obsession?

I have to  say  yes, atleast  for me. I  am like a  kid in the  candy  store. I  want to  have all the colors  and  patterns. LOL

Trust me   once  you  try  a  roll... you   will go back to get  another and  another and  another. 

So  how many of   you  Washi?  And  what's  your  favorite  things to use it on?

Before I  end  today's   lil  post... Eleanor  and Pickles  got into the  Washi Fun as  you can  see   from the above  digi stamp image at the  beginning of my  blog  post. 
A  perfect  digi  for  crafters.
This  digi  stamp  along  with  Drawing  Hannah and  Scrappin Sue  are now  available in my  Lacy Sunshine Shop.

Happy crafting!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Relay For Life

This past  Saturday was  the  Relay  for Life Event in  Canton, Michigan.

Beautiful  weather for the event.

Hundreds  of  Survivors walked as everyone applauded.

Tears of joy for those who have  won in this battle and  for those  who are  winning in the  fight.

Tears of  sorrow  were   shed for  those loved ones who  battled courageously yet  lost  the  fight.

It  was  an emotional  day  for  all.

On May 1-18, 2013,  my Lacy Sunshine Shop hosted a  fundraiser to  raise  funds  for Relay for Life's Team Fighting Spirit. Special  digis were  created with  all proceeds being donated.

As of May 18...  I   am  happy   to report that   41 of these special  digis have been sold.  A big THANK YOU  from the bottom of my heart  to all  for  participating in  my  fundraiser. However  we  still  have   a couple more months  to  reach Lacy Sunshine's Goal of 200.  I know this can  be  done... with your help.

From now  Until July 30, 2013..... I will continue to   add special   digis to my  fundraiser  and  we  WILL reach this goal.

Here  are some  photos   from   this past  Saturday's   event.




Thank you   again  for  your  support in this  fight. 


Lil Sticky Wings.

In the  wee hours of the morning, I heard some rustling  in my   studio  around my   art  desk. It  sounded   like  the  fluttering of  fairy  wings.  

As I   approached my  art  desk I   saw three  lil STICKY WINGS fluttering about.   So sugary and  adorable(*wink*)

I  like to introduce them to you....

Frosti Sprinkly


Lil Scoop


And  last but not least..... Minti Chipper.


These  three lil STICKY WING Digi stamps   are  NOW  AVAILABLE in my  Lacy Sunshine Shop.

I hope you  enjoy my New Lil Sticky Wings.... more  will be  arriving to  my  shop real soon. 

Have a  wonderful day and thank you   for being  a  fan of my  work!

Until  next time,

**Copyright the  sole property of  artist Heather Valentin.
All rights reserved.


Friday, May 17, 2013

New Digis.

Hi everyone! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and   ready  for the  weekend!

This afternoon  I   have   some NEW   DIGIS in my Lacy Sunshine Shop!

My studio's  greenhouse  has  some new  blooming Flower Pot Pretties. 

I  would like to  introduce you too..   

Luna Moon Flower

Vanessa FlyTrap

And   two limited edtion Flower Pot Pretties...

The  Spicy Girls....

Concetta Chilli Pepper and  Hot. T. Ghost Chilli Pepper

Also  in my  shop....  Jamie -  1920's Zoot Suit  makes  his  debut. He's  part of my Limited Edition Gatsby Collection.... inspired by the Gatsby Movie. ( The movie  was  totally  awesome.)

Hope you  love these  digis.  Enjoy    your  day and weekend!

Until next time..

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gatsby. Flower Pots and Animals.

Hi everyone!

Two posts in one  day! Yayyyy  ... I  am  on a  roll! lol

I  have  some   special digis  to   share with  you today  that have  just been released in my  Lacy Sunshine Shop.

With the  release of the Gatsby movie...  which I  have   been  anticipating  and highly  inspired by   that  era.....  I   introduce to you my  Limited Edition Gatsby Collection.  
Featuring Eleanor, Maddie, Lizabeth and Emily.

Two New  Flower Pot Pretties   have  also  blossomed in  the Lacy Sunshine Greenhouse  today... Please meet..   Katie Cattails and Honeysuckle Rose.


And  in our New  "Animal" Section in  my Lacy Sunshine Shop ... 12 New Digis. Here are  just   two  of my New Animal Digi Stamps.....  Meet Becky Beaver and Olivia Otter.

I hope your love these  stamps  as much as I have loved  creating them.

And  here is  a  lil  fact....
*Every single one  of my  Lacy Sunshine  Digital Stamps are  drawn by hand(traditional style .. with a  good  old fashion pencil and ink pen) ...  NO computer  sketching or inking.

Have a  wonderful  day, Happy Shopping and Happy Crafting!
Thank you   for enjoying my  work so.
Until next time....


Last night was  game night. 

Clue was  the  game of the  evening  and  it's  going to  continue  on to  this evening. 

I  love Clue.  The Who?  With What and Where? 

Could it be Miss  Scarlet... in the Library with the  candle stick??

Or Col. Mustard in the Observatory with the Knife????

It's one of my  favorite games. (even  have the DVD.... LOVE Tim Curry in that role.)

Monopoly is another great  game.  It's  fun to   get  wrapped up in  buying  and  selling  real estate and  creating    hotels. 


Scrabble  is  another one of my   favorites. 

I love these  games   so much  .....  I  even have   all   three of them on the   Wii.  Games  are a blast.

Games  make   for a  fun  and  relaxing   family and  friends  night. 

What    are   your  favorite  games? Board  Games?  Games on Wii, Playstation or  even Xbox?

Before I   end  my  blog  post  for  today, I  would like to  mention that  there  are   some in the  crafting world who play immature games .  It's   seems  once again  that  various members  of " that other  design team/company"  are back to  playing  their   childish  bullying  games.   If they spent less time harassing my Lacy Sunshine followers then they might come up with their own ideas for once, rather than copying. 
The  bullying  truly needs  to   stop and  these people really need to  grow up. 

Don't  forget  tomorrow  is Lacy Sunshine's  Super  Sunday   ...  which means  NEW Digis, New Challenge, New DT Inspirations and  some  terrific  surprises.

Have a  wonderful  day my  friends.

Until next time,


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Hybrid and Fairy.

Afternoon everyone.

I hope you  all  are  having a wonderful day.

This morning I discovered a  new hybrid in  my studio's greenhouse.... a truly magical lil Flower Pot Pretties. Her name is  Wild Daisy Rumberry. 
 Photo: Hi everyone! A new hybrid appeared this morning my studio's greenhouse.... a truly magical lil Flower Pot Pretties... Meet Wild Daisy Rumberry. This special lil cutie is now available in my Lacy Sunshine Shop.
This special lil cutie is now available in my Lacy Sunshine Shop.   Wild Daisy  is   definitely very   unique  and  unusual specie.

(Remember Lacy Sunshine is  the ONLY  home of  the original  Heather Valentin's  Flower Pot Pretties.)

When I  returned from my  greenhouse... I  came across another  lil cutie  with a  steampunk  flair sitting on my  art  desk.  Her name is  Gigi von Gadget.   She is   just a precious  wee  fairy.

Photo: Introducing Gigi von Gadget! A cute lil steampunk fairy. She is now available in the New Section of my Lacy Sunshine Shop... Here is the link..   
Gigi can  now be  found in my  digi shop.   She is  a  spunky  lil  fairy. Extremely  talkative and inquistive, too.(*wink*)

And now as I head back into my   studio I  leave you   with this  wonderful quote by Nora Roberts.

" “Magic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic. It is such a simple and such an extraordinary part of the lives we live.” 

Have a wonderful  day my friends.....
Until next time....


Monday, May 6, 2013

Flower Pot Pretties for a Cause.

Hi Everyone!
A couple of new Flower Pot Pretties have bloomed today.
 Meet Saphira Bluebell and Snappy Dragon( I just love her lil dragon wings).
 I have added these two digi stamps to my Special Breast Cancer Fundraiser. 
Proceeds from the sales of these digis will be donated May 18, 2013 to Relay For Life Team Fighting Spirit. Here is the link...
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining in this fight♥

Oh  before I    forget ...  I have  another NEW Digi Stamp in my shop.. ELeanor- The Graduate.
And   don't  forget to  check out the  new  Badge added to my  Blinkie Page  here on my  blog.  Collect one or  collect and Post all to your blog. Enjoy!

Friday, May 3, 2013


Spring is  in the air, finally here in Michigan.

The leaves  are  starting to  open on the trees and  one of my  favorite  trees,  Japanese Magnolias  are in  full bloom.
They    only   last   for  a few  days,  cause it never  fails, once they have  blossomed, we will get a huge  wind storm and   petals   will be  flying   thru the  air.    They  truly  are a beautiful sight.

I  spent the morning,  in the garden....  getting the  ground   ready  for  my flowers  to be planted.... and I  could help but having my  mind   drift  away to  my Gnomes of Gnarly Wood.

Thru   the  gnarled  trees into their  lil world..hearing their  tiny  giggles.  (he, he)

So  today... I have a special treat  for you.... I'm  giving away  my  Pet Shop Pete and Friends  Digi Stamp  for free  for the next   48 hours.


Maybe  while you are  coloring and   crafting  with this  adorable  lil  digi.....  it  will  transport  you in to the   Gnarly Wood and   you too  will be in their  world  for a brief  time and hear their  soft lil   giggles.  I hope  Pet Shop Pete and  Friends  will put a smile on your    face  as it  did mine while  hand drawing  them.

So  to get   this  adorable  digi of mine.....

1.Come join me  on Pinterest. Here is the link...  and Please  feel  free to  pin me:) with your wonderful creations  made with my  digis.

2. Send me  an  email  at   with Pet Shop Pete in the  Subject Line. I will  email  your  free  digi within  24 hours.

3. Please  feel  free to  share with me  in  your   email... what   your  favorite digis of mine  are..  and  any suggestions.

And  last but not  least.... Have a wonderful  day, smile and  enjoy Spring.

Until next time....