Friday, August 30, 2013

Enough is enough.

Those of you who know me, know that I love crafting more than anything in the world. It tears my heart out when the one thing that I find joy in gets trampled by another artist. I get excited about creating original art, but when somebody comes out with a knockoff, fabricates a copyright date, and then tries to make my original look like a copy, I am at my wits end. I have been assailed by this artist and her minions ever since I became independent of Scrapbook Stamp Society.

There comes a time when enough is enough. I am tired of being put on the defensive all the time, especially when I have done nothing to harm this other artist. I wanted to make a clean break, but she insists on playing these infantile games. I have known for some time that she went to my website, lifted some images, and removed the watermarks so that she could distribute them for free. This is out and out theft, and the authorities have informed me that I have every right to press charges. I don't like to be the bad guy, but I'm certainly tired of being victimized. All I want her to do is to leave me alone, but if she does not, I think she will come to regret her actions. So I ask my fans to stand beside me as I go through this difficult time. The joy that I derive from doing art is all due to you. Thank you so very much.


Desert. Southwest.

For over  18 years I resided in the  Southwest.  Surrounded by  the amazing  native american culture.

Navajos, Apaches, Hopis are just  a few of the  tribes.
An amazing cutlture. How they  lived off the  land and their  spiritual beliefs.

Growing up  I   wrote numerous   reports and  crreated tons of  projects  for school   featuring  native americans.  Their  history is  so  rich.

Tapping  into a subject I love... I   created by  Indian  Maidens  series,  which  is  perfect  for   fall,   which is  fast approaching.  I  so  can't believe  that    leaves  are   already  starting to  change.

Here  are   a couple  wonderful creations  featuring  my Ayashe indian maiden  and Lil Feather created by my   amazing  fans.

 Their coloring, layouts and  color selections  are  perfect for this time of  year!

Created by Melissa which   features my Ayashe Indian Maiden Digi stamp.

 Created by  Sharon

I  so   enjoying   see  what  my fans  create using my  digis.   A  special thank you    to  these  two   crafty   ladies  for  sharing  their creations with me.

Before I  end this  post  let  me  share the  digi of the  day with you ...... and  that is   my
Ayashe  Indian Maiden and Lil Feather which  can   only   be found in my  Lacy Sunshine Shop
Have a beautiful day  everyone and happy crafting!
Until  next time,

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Copyright fraud.

Today I need  to address an issue about  a  rival artist.

All of my   followers  know that  I  parted  ways  with SB  almost a year ago due to her  breach of  contract.

I  have  fought tooth and nail to protect my  work  and  characters  and will continue to   do  so.

Today,   she posted on her  stamps  facebook  page  this  image  of  her GLITTERELLA  sitting on   a pumpkin   with  her PINKles.

 Glitterella  has    had  a name  change ..... its  now  Ella   with a  copyright  of 2005.    THIS IS  COPYRIGHT FRAUD  which is a   federal offense.

Visit Glitterella  here  at  her SS Store.
 This will show  you the original  pic  of  Glitterella  not  ELLA!

First  she has not been creating  digis  since  2005. She  has only been  creating them  for a couple  two to three  years when her  store opened.  Secondly   her version of  MY  ELEANOR and PICKLES  (my   most popular  duo)......   never  ever  existed until  late last year when   she infringed  on  my  copyright   with her  Ella and PINKles.

My  fans  and  the public need to be  aware  of this matter.  Why  on  earth  does she   find it  necessary to  lie to  her   fans and commit  fraud? Why  does  she  have  to infringe on other's  work  to make  a buck?

Attorney has been  contacted and  she will be  reported to the US Copyright office.

August 30, 2013-
Just  would like to  add.... This   artist's Ella and Pinkles officially  debuted  Dec.3, 2012. Period.  (According to her social  media  posts).
Her style of  drawing was  like Glitterella, view  all her  previous  work. Then in   fall 2012 her  Besties debuted with  an  Ella and Pinkles  that  resemble  my  very popular  duo. Totally  different  style for her.

Let's  see... other infringements....I release an  Eleanor  Indian girl  holding  a  basket of  fruit  on Nov. 2, 2012...  Sb  releases  one  very similar Nov. 8, 2012.

I  debuted my Eleanor, Pickles and Tilly Dinosaur in  a  Solo  art exhibition in Nov- Dec. 2012 . SB  creates  a  knock off of my  Tilly   which officially  debuted Feb 18, 2013.  Just  to note-  I  am not the  only   artist over the  years   she  has    and is  doing this to either.   Truly  sad.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Bugzz and her Voodoo Bunny.

Today I  have  the  great pleasure in introducing you to my very  first OOAK Limited Edition Lady Heather Curiosities Collector  Dolls.

 Meet Bugzz and her Voodoo Doll.  Created by the artist herself,  breathing life into one of her  popular goth characters.... this doll is hand crafted, hand painted, signed, dated and numbered 1/1. Bugzz is approx. 24" tall and can either sit or stand( in a doll stand). Bugzz is wearing actual shoes each adorned with 4 swarovski crystals. 

Her little Voodoo Bunny is approx. 13" tall and is able to be placed in her arms or at her feet.. wherever you your heart desires. A Certificate of Authenticity will accompany her. 

Bugzz and her Voodoo Bunny is now available for adoption for $125. (shipping not included) Layaway and financing options are available. Please note is is not a toy and not recommended for small children. If you are interested in adding beautiful gothic OOAK doll to your home ... please message me via email at

Bugzz is  also available in digi stamps which are  available  at my  Lacy Sunshine Shop.....

Just to  tell you know  more  collector  dolls will be  coming real soon.  Have a terrific  day my  wonderful fans  and friends.

Until next time...


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Transylvania. Curiosities.

Hi everyone!

I  hope  everyone is   having a great  weekend.  

Today,  I  am  showcasing the  dark  creative inspiration  from Meredith, one of  my  Sunshine  Girl Design Team Members.    Meredith   created   this  dark  beauty  for  my  Current  Challenge  #15  Girls Girls Girls... which  showcases my  NEW  City Girls Collection. She  really  breathed life into my  Mila... Brasov Transylvania Girl.

Mila.... Brasov Transylvania City Girl  

Mila  is  available in my  Lacy Sunshine shop.

Over the  past  several  weeks, I have been  working on  a  new   collection of mine   which   taps  into my  Lady Heather side.   Who is  Lady Heather you   may ask?   Well she is my  dark alter   ego:) and   she   appears  every now and then (wink).

I think  with the  cooler  temps here in Michigan at night( yes  way to  early) ,  the  Halloween  stores   gearing  up  for one of my  favorite  holidays, and    the  touch of   Autumn in the  air....   Lady  Heather    has awaken  and  is   proud  to  give you a  lil  peek into  her  newest  collection titled...
Lady Heather's  Curiosities.

Meet  Amelia......

 and here is   Cassandra.
 These   digis   can  now be  found in my Lacy Sunshine   Shop.   Many more of these   dark  cuties will be   coming   your   way real soon.

Have  a   terrific  crafting   day and  until  next time...
Heather   and   my  dark  alter  ego...Lady Heather ( wink)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

New York City Girl.

When I think of  New York.... I  can  not help  but  think of  the   following things...

Carrie  Bradshaw and her gal  pals  from Sex and  the City. 
Christmas as  Rockefeller Center and  New Years  Eve at Time Square.
Shopping. Shopping and more  shopping.  Just to name a   few. 

When I  was creating   Amy my NYC City  Girl digi stamp.. I knew   she   has  to  be  the  all American  girl.  

Deanne, one of my  amazing   Sunshine Designers,   did  a  fantastic  job  creating  with  my  "Amy".  Here is  her  lovely   card showcasing  my  New  Digi Stamp.


 "Amy" NYC City Girl   is  now available in my  Lacy Sunshine Shop and is  the digi of the day.

Hope you  enjoy this  eye   candy and have a  terrific   cratfy  day!

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Orleans City Girls

New Orleans.

Several   things come to  mind when I  think of this  city. Voodoo,  Anne Rice / Vampires,  and  Mardis Gras,  old cemeteries and  ghosts.    What's  not  to  love  about this  great city  right?

Yesterday,  my  City   Girls Collection   debuted  with   2 New Orleans versions.  One  which   features  the  darker  side  .. "Vooodoo "themed and the other   features  "Mardis Gras".

Lynn and  Manderly ... both  of  whom  are on my   design  team..... created   two amazing  cards for my  City  Girls  debut.

Both  feature  my  new  character  " Parrish".

Parrish Voodoo New Orleans  City  Girl Card by Lynn

Parrish Mardi Gras City Girl by Manderly

These  digis   are now  available in my  Lacy Sunshine  Shop.   Enjoy  the   eye candy.

Have  a beautiful  day  my  crafting  friends.
Hugs, Heather


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Something wonderful coming to Lacy Sunshine

I have  some  wonderful news and  I  can't   wait  any longer.

For a few months now plans have been underway to make handcrafted Limited Edition cloth Lacy Sunshine Dolls.  This is something I have been so excited about and   I  am  thrilled  to  share this  with you.

After creating the perfect patterns etc, selecting the right materials.... Here is a  wip pic of  one of my new  dolls.  Now granted it may not look like much but like I said this is the early stages of my Lacy Sunshine "Eleanor" Doll. 

 My seamstress is doing an amazing job. I am so thrilled with the results.  Still has  a  ways  to  go.  Hair styling,  dressed in her custom  crafted  clothes  and of course I need to  paint  her   face:)  and sign her.   The dolls will be approx. 12" to 15" tall and will come with a certificate of authenticity.

They will be available just in time for the Holiday season. Yayyyyy!!!

This is  just   one of  many   surprises  I  in store for  Lacy Sunshine.  All my  dreams  are coming  true  and I  couldn't  be  happier. 

Have a  wonderful day  everyone!

Friday, August 9, 2013


 One of  my  favorite  authors is Master of Horror  himself.... the one and only Stephen King.

Currently  I  am  engrossed into  his  newest  book  titled  Joyride.  For  those of you  not  familiar with  this  book the  tag  line  from  his book sums it all up..... Who dares enter the  FUNHOUSE OF FEAR!    Need I  say  more.... LOL

Every night before I  meet  Mr. Sandman, I  normally  read   a  few  pages to  unwind. Plus  books have  a  way of  being  incorporated into my   dreams or should I  say nightmares....  another  great  way to  feed my  creativity.   However  after last nights  reading it it is  safe to  say I  will not be  reading this book at night anymore....LOL.  Almost to  the  end of  a  chapter, I  jumped,  flung the  book thru the  air and  laid  their  wide  awake in the  dark LOL.  So much  for  sleeping.   I have to   say  bravo  to  Mr. King.   The only  other book  that  had that  effect on me   was  his Bag of Bones.

So how many of you have read  Joyride?  What books are your reading  presently?

Anyway did you  know today is   National Book Lovers Day?

Never  knew  that   day  existed until I  was  in Biggby's  Coffee Shop  the  other  day..... getting  a DELICIOUS   Neapolitan  Cafe Freeze ( a guilty pleasure of mine) and  saw it on their monthly  calendar.

So I thought today's  Digi of the  day  should be  none other than my   Eleanor and Pickles Love Books.... which is  available in my newly remodeled  Lacy Sunshine Shop.

Have a   wonderful day!
Until next  time...


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Look and New Digis.

Lacy Sunshine Stamps is   full of  "NEW"  things  today!  

Today,  my  newly  remodeled  store  debuted.  New  design and  banners.  A "Search Bar"  has been  added too!

Also I have  filled my  shop  with   NEW Digis... Including two  new  collections.   Indian Maidens and  Sea Kissed Collections  make their   debut.  I  am  extremely  excited about both.

Now  to  go  along with this  re- grand opening ( big smiles)  I  am  having   a  BIG SALE!

Starting  today August 7th thru Midnight EST August 9th....  For  every  three digis  you buy you  get one  free.  

To  receive your free digi(s)  please do not  add your  FREE  selection  to  your  cart instead  email me  at  with  your   selection titles.  And please   put  Free  Digi In the  subject line.

Now this  weekend ....   a  few more  exciting things  will debut  at  Lacy Sunshine  so  please   mark your  calender and   check  back in the  store. You will be   glad you  did:)

Here  is   just  a peek  at  some of the  NEW DIGIS  that   debuted today.

Meet Maka Indian  Maiden.

Meet Leila .. NEW to my  Sea Kissed Collection.

Meet Pearl.....   from my  NEW Sea Kissed Collection.

I hope you  enjoyed these lil  peeks.  More  digis  are in the   New Section  of my  shop along with newly listed retiring digi stamps.

So  check out my Lacy Sunshine  Stamps shop. I can't  wait to  see what you think of the  New  Design/Layout and  New Digis.
Until next time...

All Images The SOLE PROPERTY Of Heather Valentin/Lacy Sunshine Stamps.
All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Update on my Blogs Picture Removals

For   some  good news.  I  was  notified,  that   some of the  photos and  widgets  that   had been  removed  in   the  wee hours of the morning, yesterday from  both  my Lacy Sunshine and   Challenge blogs,  have  a  great  chance  of  being  restored, though  they   said  it might   take a  few  days.  They  are  reviewing the  time period  of  when  my   passcodes  had been   changed along  with  tracing the   source.  Picasa web  albums  have  been  ruled out especially   since my  artwork images,   a few  design  team   and  GTD cards,  some  widgets and  various  posts  had been randomly   removed.

With my  blogs in the public  eye and the  gap-toothed  state  they  were  left,  I  had no  choice in the  matter   but   to  make  a  statement as  to  why  so many images and  things  had  been  removed  and  that  the matter is   being handled.   Other  matters about  a  past  contractor  are not being  aired in  public by me.  That  matter  is   confidential.