Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Halloween

Yayyyy! It's  Halloween one of my  most   favorite days of the  year.

It might be...  because today is my   birthday  but chances   are it  has to   do with the   Autumn leaves  falling amongst the  ghost and  goblins trick or treating!

It's   so much fun decorating the  house  all month long  for this  one   day of the  year. It's  also   fun  to  carve  my  giant  pumpkins... which I  will be   sharing   pics  later  on  today for you.

This  year  my   giant  pumpkin is  only  135lbs.  A  hundred  pounds less from  last year! ( sad face)

With  all the  rain  here  over the  summer .. a  fungus    set in  among the pumpkin  patches here and   most had  to  replant  the  giant pumpkins. But  I still think 135 lbs is not  too shabby! I  have   3  other  smaller  ones to   finish carving too, today.  Yes its  last minute  but  what  better  day  then to  carve  pumpkins on  Halloween   while  watching   the  movie Halloween!  Yes I have to  get  my Halloween Movie   fix  today LOL.

Anyway....  Today I  want  to   give you   all  a  special   treat  a  FREE Digi and  a  nice lil  lacy Sunshine Sale!

This   treat  is only  available  from now  until  Midnight  tonight, Oct. 31st. EST.

Here is   Annie... one of my   NEW  SWEET URCHINS.
She is   yours FREE today only!
In order to  get your  free  Lacy Sunshine Treat....  you must...

1.  Follow  our  Lacy  Sunshine Blog.
2.  Email  Manderly  at   with   Annie in the  subject  line. 

3.  In  your  email please  let  me  know  what is your  favorite  Lacy Sunshine Digi Stamps.

It's  that  easy!

And  for   the  other  treat...    All  digi orders  from my  Lacy Sunshine Shop  today only  until  midnight.... BUY  THREE Get One FREE!
***Please just  email me  the   title of  your   Free Digi(s). Do not purchase them:)****

I hope you  enjoyed  my   lil treats.  Happy Halloween and  enjoy this  festive day!
Until  next time...

PS-  Don't  eat too much  candy!  (wink)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Digis

New digis   were just  uploaded into my Lacy Sunshine Shop!

I would like to  introduce you too....

Annie who is the first  installment to my   new  collection titled Sweet Urchins.

Next meet  Rory.  She is the  second installment to my  new Sweet  Urchin Collection.

Then meet  Lula The Ladybug.
These  digis   along with  some other new ones  can  be found in  the  new section to my  Lacy Sunshine Shop.

Happy  crafting and  have a wonderful  day.
Until  next time...

Snow Globe Tutorial by Denise and more!

Hi  Sunshiny Crafters!

I hope everyone is  having a fabulous  crafting  day today!

I  am so happy   to  be   back  home  and in the  comforts of my  studio. WOW  what  an  exciting and  eventful  week I  had!  So many  exciting things  are   in the  works  at  Lacy Sunshine  and I couldn't  be  more  pleased.   Zach, my  creative and marketing  director,  filled you in on  somethings    a few  days  and  over the  next  couple of  weeks,  when I  am   able I  will fill you in on more   exciting news! Per contracts   and that I  can  only  reveal    things  happening  when  allowed.  So  all I  can   say is just  stay   tune   all will be  revealed  real   soon! Oh  and before I  forget.. please  feel  free to   follow  Zach's   Blog too. He is  a  wonderful   crafter  and I   will be  sharing with us  some of his  amazing  work  this week:)

Today, I  would  like  to  share with    you  a  wonderful  Lacy Sunshine Snow Globe  tutorial  created  Denise, by  a  gifted  designer,  which   features my  Snowflake  Quality  Control and   Scrolled  Snow Globe  Digi Stamps.


* All Rights  Reserved.  This  tutorial is  property of  Lacy Sunshine Stamps, Heather Valentin and Denise Pustelniak.

***  I  want to  THANK  Denise   for this  amazing  tutorial. You  Rock! ****

The  above  digis   Denise  used in this   tutorial  are available in my  Lacy Sunshine Shop.

For those  of you  who  would like to  see  more of  Denise's  work  please  check out her  blog.

Oh  and   before I  end this  post...  please   know that   today is  the  start of Lacy Sunshine's  Challenge #20.  Thank you  to  all those  who enter  our challenges.   It's  also  Super  Sunday which   means  new  digis  will make their  debut later  on today.  So  please check  back  later  in our  Lacy Sunshine  Shop  or here on  our  blog to  see the  new  images!

Until next  time....

***  To the  "other artist" aka  my lil cyber stalker .... Just thought  you should  know I am  well aware of  each and  every time...  hour  by  hour  when you  stalk my   blogs,  and  blogs of my   design team and  others.  All is  documented. (  Hi ...Big Waves)****


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Victorian Winter Emily by Aletha

Hi everyone!

This  evening I  would like to  share with you the   wonderful   talent of  Aletha.  Not only is  she   one of my Sunshine Design  Team Members  but she is also  one of my  Creative  Artists, who  will be   debuting a  new card and  recipe  once  a month.

This  time Aletha, created with my  Lacy Sunshine's  Victorian Winter  Emily Digi Stamp and  here is her   stunning  project and  recipe.

Copics used:
Skin: E000, 00, 11, R02, 20
Hair: YR21, E13, 15, 18
Dress, Coat, & Hat: R22, 43, 46, 56, 59
Poinsettias: R22, 29
Bow, Umbrella, Eyes, & Leaves: G21, 24, 28, 29
Hat netting our toile: C0, 1, 2, with a Star Dust gel pen
Fur Trim: W0, 1, 2
Background: W0, 1, 2, 3, 4

Now  to    find out more  about this  project  please  visit Aletha's  Blog.

I hope you have   enjoyed  this  project and  recipe and  please   be one the lookout  for  Aletha's  November   Creative  Artist's  Project.

Have a beautiful  day everyone!
Until next time...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Zachary's Post

Hello fellow Crafters!
I'm coming onto Heather's blog today to let you know some exciting news.  Heather is on a business trip to Chicago marketing Lacy Sunshine, and I'm very enthused about the days ahead!  The sky is the limit for what we can accomplish with these products, and I'm sure you'll love the direction we're taking. I'm torn over how much I should tell you, but can you see dolls, figurines, and rubber stamps of your favorite Lacy Sunshine characters, especially the original Eleanor and Pickles???
Or perhaps the series of childrens' books that are heading to publication?  We are entering exciting times!

Heather will be back soon, but until she does, feel free to contact me, Zachary the creative director, with any questions that you might have.  And be sure to check out my blog, where I'll be posting my new card.  Until then--- happy crafting!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Snow globes and more.

Snow globes.

Something  so  fun and  magically  about them.

Taking the globe in your   hands, tipping it  upside down, gently shaking it and flipping it  right  side up   watching the  snow flakes, or  glittery pieces fall.

I  LOVE  snow globes and  over the   years   I have   collected  quite a  few.

There is  one   snow globe I  would love to have  and  that   would be  the one  from the  Tim Allen  Christmas movie titled  The Santa Clause.   Some one  surely  must  have  made a replica   from the movie.

Anyway....  Since I  love    snow globes   so   I thought I  would  create   something  unique for crafters.     SNOW GLOBES  PNG Digi Stamps.    How  totally  cool, right?  

Take a  Lacy Sunshine Stamp of your  choice set it  in one of my Snow globes and  you    now  have a magical  unique  digi stamp  to craft  with!!!

Tonight I have   filled my  store  with  a  few  new  digis....

Meet Honey Winter Bee Sticky Wings and Bee Hive Snow Globe. You  can  find  these cuties in the new section of my shop.

Here are my  other NEW  SNOW GLOBE PNG DIGI STAMPS....

Scrolled Holiday Snow Globe
Jack - O -Lantern Snow Globe
and last but not least  Peppermint Holiday Snow Globe.

SPECIAL! From today October 10th, 7:30 pm EST to Tomorrow October 11th, 7:30 PM EST any regularly priced digi order will receive my new Beehive Snow Globe PNG digi Stamp for free. 
 When placing your order please do not add the Beehive snowglobe to your cart... it will automatically be included with every order. Thank you and happy crafting! 
Until next  time....

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Halloween is in the Air.

Halloween is in the air at   Lacy Sunshine Stamps.

Check out these  BOO-tiful  creations  by  some of my wonderful  fans!

Using  my  Witchy Susie  Digi... Monique created  this  adorable  card!

 Using my Fangletta  Flower Pot Pretties ( limited edition) Sandra  created this  adorable card.
 And  last  but not least   I  am showcasing today  another  adorable  card  created by  Sandra  which features  my  Cupcake Sticky Wings Digi. 

My cupcake sticky wings, Fangletta, and  Witchy Susie can  all be  found in my  Lacy Sunshine Shop.

Now before I   bid you adieu   I like to share  with you   three new digis  stamps that just  debuted  today.

Meet  Leave Digi Bits.
Meet Lil Fidget's Black Cat Fun.
and last but not least...... meet  Autumn Bubbles.
Have a funfilled Bootiful  day  everyone and happy crafting!
Until next time....

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trick or Treat.

We  are just a  few  weeks off from Halloween. One of my  favorite  holidays.

I have  already  started,  in my  spare time  decorating my  house. 

Hand painted  wooden  Candy Corns ( which I  made)  are   lining my  garden. Bushes  covered with  spiders webs and a  ton  of   lil black and glow in the dark  spiders   added too.   Lighted  Spider webs and  other   lights  have also been added to the   house.  And  let's not  forget about the  windows!  This   year I have  added  Zombie  Window  coverings...  With  Do Not  Enter and  Help Me  on the panels too! 

Yes I  will have  pictures to  share with you  real  soon:)   I  am looking  forward to  visiting the  pumpkin patch. In search of that one  special  pumpkin  which will  of course  have to be   bigger  than  last year's  197 lb.   Always  have  to  break   the  pumpkin size   record  each  year or   atleast  try too.

Can you tell I    really   get into the  spirit of things. Maybe   being  born on  Halloween  has  something to  do with it!

Anyway   to  stay in the  spirit of  things  I  would like to  spotlight Lacy Sunshine's  Guest Designer  Vannessa.

Using  my Candi Corn Sticky Wings Digi Stamp, Vannessa created an ADORABLE and  BEAUTIFUL Halloween  Card and  Trick  or Treat Bag.

My Candi Corn Sticky  Wings is  my  Challenge #18 Digi Stamp which is available  at a  discounted price  for  the next few days. You  can  find   out  more  about my  current   challenge at  my Lacy Sunshine Blog. 

So  what   kind of  crafty  Halloween or  other   projects  are  you  working on today?   For me  I  am  working on  a  card  which  will feature my  ever so popular  duo Eleanor and  Pickles  as Batty  Bats.  Here is a  lil   sneak peak of  me  coloring this  adorable digi  of mine.  I  created  digi  at the  end  of  September  2012.

I am  looking   forward to sharing my  finished project with you in the  next couple of  days.  

This   digi, my  Eleanor and Pickles Batty Bats, is  a FREE  DIGI  to  all  who  email  me  for the  next  24 hours  at   with  Batty Bats in the  Subject line.   Tomorrow  October 4, at  2pm EST  this   FREE Special  Treat with  end.

Have a   Boo-tiful day!
Until   next time...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Amazing Alberto

Today,  I would like to  spotlight the amazing  talents of Alberto Gava.  A  gifted designer and  colorist.

Here is a card   he created which  uses my  Lacy Sunshine's  popular  digital stamp...  Eleanor Hippie Chick.

His  color palette and   skill   to  capture  shadows and  highlights is striking.  This  combo is   a dynamic  duo  making  the  digis come to life.   Alberto uses  the negative  space   around the  stamp perfectly. He  then  finished off his  work of  art complimenting this  richly  colored  digi with  vintage monochromatic embellishments.

To  find out more  about  Alberto and  his  distinctive  style please  visit his  blog.  

I look forward to  seeing many more of  this creative artist's   work of  art featuring Lacy Sunshine Digi Stamps, which will be spotlighted  once  a month here on our blog.

Have a wonderful day.
Until next  time,

Lacy Sunshine Design Team Call

"Design Team Call at Lacy Sunshine"!

We are looking for 3-4 talented, team-oriented designers to join the amazing Lacy Sunshine Family!  Excited?  Interested? Read on!

Following are Lacy Sunshine requirements:
  • 6 month commitment (to be reviewed at the end of your term)
  • able to complete a project using LS images every 2 weeks
  • submit your work on time
  • have an active personal blog 
  • post your LS project on time
  • display LS's badge on your blog; promote Lacy Sunshine
  • ability to take good pictures of your work
  • actively participate in our Facebook Group
  • able to periodically create for special projects
Just the regular ol' things that are required for a DT position!

Here is how to apply:
  • Email Heather ( AND Manderly ( with your blog link 
  • Please include the following in your email:
    • List your current and past Design Teams if any (no experience necessary to apply!)
    • Tell us a little about yourself
    • What is your favorite aspect of designing?
    • Do you or have you ever done tutorials? (not a requirement)
    • Why would you like to be on Lacy Sunshine's DT? 
DT Call ends on Wednesday, October 2nd.  New DT Members will be notified by email on October 4th.  If not notified, we thank you for your time applying and hope you will try again when we have our next DT Call.  

We  also   want to  let  everyone know,  that  over  the  past  few months  we  started  adding  names   to   our  DT  Waiting  List.   At this time.....  we   wanted to  give  everyone a fresh   chance to  apply.   So   even though   your name is on  our  waiting   list...   we  ask if you  are  still interested  in   being on  our  DT,  please   reapply.  Thank you :)