Friday, January 3, 2014

Lacy Sunshine's Clear Photo Polymer Stamps

I love it  when   UPS   comes  knocking on my  door  with   packages.

Today's   deliveries  were   boxes of   my Lacy Sunshine's  Clear Photo Polymer  Stamps.

Happy  Dance!!!!

I have  spent  most of the  day  sorting  thru the shipments  and   repackaging them  and  filling   customer  orders and   sending them off to  retail  stores.  How  excited I   am!

The stamps  are  of the  highest quality and  stamp  amazingly.   The  image is  perfect!    Only  the  finest  quality  products  for Lacy Sunshine. 

Well, I  just had to  share   the  wonderful news.  make sure  you check  out   my   available  clear stamps in my  shop.  More  to  be  added in the   next  day or  two. 

Happy crafting and  have a  wonderful day!
Hugs, Heather


  1. so...that is looking good! I understand that you were very exciting to get this by the post.....fantastic!
    good luck and have a great weekend!

  2. Very excited for mine to come in!!! Congrats