Sunday, February 2, 2014

Throught The Craft Room Door Magazine's Featured Artist

I  am thrilled to announce  that  I  am  the  featured  artist   for  this issue of  Through The Craft Room Door Magazine!

My Lil Frolic, the  official Lacy Sunshine Mascot..... Made the   Cover too!    I  am   also  thrilled to  announce that   three of my  Sunshine Girls .. Thea, Aletha and Kerry had  projects  featured in this issue too:)   Also in this issue  there  are  TWO brand NEW Exclusive digis  which can  only   be  obtained at  Through The Craft Room Door's Magazine.   And  there   is  more.....   Lacy Sunshine fans,  Anne Fenton, Roberta Swisher and  Sandi Hugget  have  cards   with Lacy
Sunshine  Digis  featured in the  magazine too!  How   AWESOME is this!!!!!   I  am  doing the happy  dance!

Here is  is  a wonderful  preview of  Through the  Craft Room Door's  Magazine..... Enjoy the  video!

I  am super excited  about the  featured artist for this  Magazine! Thank  so  very much  Through The  Craft Room Door.  

Please   make  sure  you   visit, view this  awesome magazine and  get your  two  brand  NEW EXCLUSIVE  Lacy Sunshine Digis.    Roxanne and Peeps and  Sweet Tooth Boo   make their  debut in this  magazine's   issue.  You  will  only  be  available to  get these  two  adorable digis  at Through the Craft Room Door  and  they will never  ever be available anywhere else!  So  get them  while you can:)  You will be   happy  you did:)

Here is a  lil  peek  at the  two new   exclusive digis. Meet Roxann and  Peeps.

And Meet Sweet Tooth Boo.


Have a wonderful day everyone and  thank you   from  the bottom of  my heart  for  being Lacy Sunshine Fans.

Hugs, Heather


  1. ooo...what fantastic news!!! that is awesome. Heather, yes I understand that you do the Happy dance. what a experience.
    that is such a really a reward of your sign arts! (translation give me that) what a great feeling!!!
    good luck, Heather, with all the drawings that you do. and I really hope/wishing that is not the last beautiful experience.
    enyoy this feeling!

    best regards Dora

  2. OOOHHH!!! A huge congrats! I already subscribe so I'm sooo excited. They're just ADORABLE! xxD

  3. Wow, how fab, so excited for you all :-) xx

  4. congrats Heather, well deserved xx

  5. Congrats! I was so happy to see you featured, Heather. You deserve it. The bonus of the two digis is awesome. All of the featured cards are inspirational. Great stuff. I love Through the Craftroom Magazine. Colleen does a wonderful job, and the magazine never disappoints. It's is always full of craft projects with step-by-step instructions, and there are always some beautiful digis with each issue. Congrats again, Heather.

  6. How absolutely COOL is that! CONGRATS!

  7. That is fantastic news Heather..congratulations to you and the other girls who were featured..well done.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  8. You are one special lady and I am honored to have you featured for you so deserve it!:) Hugzzzzzzzz

  9. Congrats Heather, It is great to have you featured in The Magazine!!The images are adorable!

  10. Heather, I'm so happy for you and the magazine! The pairing is perfect!!
    I can't wait to work with the new images. Who knows...maybe one (or both) will find their way into the next issue as featured cards.
    Congrats, sweet lady and continued success!

  11. Such cute lil' digis and one is my namesake! Wonderful blog you have and I love your work!