Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Peeyew! Do You Smell That???

Have you  ever  encountered  a  "stinky"  smell and   just  couldn't   quite  place it?   I know a  weird   question to  ask  on a   crafter's  candy  blog  right? LOL

But  indulge with me   for a  minute, please. ( Big Smiles)

When you  try  to  think  what this   foul " Stinky" is,  you  begin to  search  everywhere in your  house,  office,  or  garden.  But  while you  search,  you  hear   lil crunching  noises  or  wings a fluttering.   What on earth  could that this be?

Well it's  none other  than  the Sherry "Stinky"  Buggmee.  The  newest  addition to my  Lacy Sunshine's  popular  Buggmee collection.

Big bouffont hair, kooky eyes,  and  a  giant  snaggle tooth!  We cant' help but see  those   huge   ears, which  are  perfect to  catch  every lil   sound in the  atmosphere!

What's  the  worst thing  about Sherry "Stinky" Buggmees?  They  lurk in the  shadows and  fester,  leaving a  bad   "Stinky" trail  that  wilts  everything in  its  path.

Even though  it's  "Stinky"  and  has that  kind of " ugly  duckling look"...  It's  still  a charmer   and with one  look  can  cast  a  spell upon  you  making   this  Buggmee  irresistible.

Now  this   "Stinky" Buggmee  is  available in  the new section to my  shoppe. This is the perfect dgi  for those   fun off the  wall  cards and crafts.

I hope  you enjoyed this  lol cooky  pest  and fun  digi.  I had  a blast making "Stinky".

Have  fun crafting  today, as always!
Hugs,  Heather


  1. Too funny! Love your post AND Stinky! xxD

  2. haha...adorable...and funny...the flowers have difficult with that smell....
    beautiful drawing!

  3. TOO CUTE!!! Stinky needs some form transportation.(just a suggestion, maybe a snaggle tooth horse)

  4. OMG - I'm dying laughing here.... this is awesome. I particularly love his (her?) name.... ;)