Friday, April 4, 2014

Rory Love.

Hi everyone!

A while ago  I  created  the  very   first  characters to my  popular  Sweet Urchin Collection.  The   first  set of  characters  to  debut included,  Annie, Mikey, Ilsa and RORY.

Rory,  has  since taken the  world by  storm and  today I  would like to  showcase  my most  beloved lil urchin.

As  you can  see  by  the   drawings and  creations  below Rory is  99% of time  drawn with her  special  delivery  bag.  I  guess  you  could  say that  is her lil  trademark persay.  She  has  other  features   too....  that  separate this  loveable  tomgirl  from the  rest.. including her   big  hat, messy hair, usually over one  eye  and those  patchy coveralls, of  course  one  normally   always  missing a  button. 

What's   Rory's   charm?  I think its  just that loveable  glisten in her  eyes and   her   facial  expressions.....  it is  for me  anyway.   I  am  sure  when you look at this  cutie  you  will  find  other   things  that   warm  your  heart  about  Rory.  But whatever charm  she  has  ... one this is   for  sure is  simply irresistible.

Enjoy   the  AMAZING Rory Eye Candy!

Lacy Sunshine's  Rory Sweet Urchin collection is  available only in  our  Crafter's  Candy Shoppe.

Want to  thank everyone for their  amazing   eye  candy featuring  our  star RORY! 

I hope you have a  wonderful day fellow artists, crafters and  friends.

Have a  beautiful day!
Hugs, Heather

*** All  of  Heather Valentin's  images  are  US Copyrighted. All rights  reserved.***


  1. Rory is so totally precious! Definitely one of my faves. Fabulous work by all with her! xxD

  2. Congratulations DT members, youve created such gorgeous cards with equally gorgeous images.
    Heather, you keep on wowing us with your incredible work please!!
    Marg B ;) xxx