Monday, May 19, 2014

Precious Wings

In 2007  I began   sketching  sleeping babies  fairies.  I  toyed with the  idea of   turning  these  lil   sweethearts  into paintings.    At that time..  for me  as   an  artist,  they  were  great   sketches  but I  had  no   spark to  take  these  babies to  the  canvas.   A  client of mine  saw the   sketches   a   few  months  later and  begged  me to  add paint these.

I  began   sketching them to  canvases,  12"  x 12" to  be   exact  and  slowly  added   paint. I  would  walk  away  from them   for  a  few  hours,  even days   at a time ... unsure of  what  colors  etc. I  wanted to   add to my pieces....  and  then  one  day...  my  "mojo"   for these   kicked in!  This  collection   kept   growing over  the past  few  years   and  now   the  current  count  for my  Precious  Wings  is  27 and  growing still  to  this  day.

My  original  painting titled Dream... was the  first in my  series and  debut  in  2009.

A few  years  ago... I  turned this one into a digi stamp....  and  finally  as of  today I  added    my Dream Precious  Wings  back into  Lacy Sunshine Shoppe.

For those of you  who  would love to  see more   photos  of this  original  painting   please   check out my  EBSQ Profile Page.  Also   over the   years, I have  had merchandise  created  with my  copyrighted  painting, such  as  mugs, mousepads,  ornaments,  t-shirts and more.

I would like to  introduce you  today   to  a couple other  Precious Wings  that    I have   finally  turned into  digi stamps.

Lil Pumpkin Precious  Wings

And  Sunbell  Precious Wings.

The above  3  Precious Wings  Digital Stamps are available in my  Lacy Sunshine  Shoppe  for your  crafting  needs:)
I  hope you love them  as much  as  I do.

Have a  wonderful  day!