Sunday, June 29, 2014

Blooms in the Lacy Sunshine Greenhouse.

Today I would like to  share with  you  a   Lacy Sunshine's Flower Pot Pretties   that  bloomed  months  ago  and  debuted in   our  premiere  issue of our Lacy Sunshine  Crafting Magazine. 

Here is  Cami Chamomile Flower Pot  Pretties....  which is   now  available in  the new section to  my  Lacy Sunshine Crafter's  Candy  Shoppe.

Here is   a  wonderful  clock  created by  Sunshine Girl  Kerry Hockings  which  features  Cami Flower Pot Pretties. This  is  just one of  Kerry's   creations  that   debuted in  our  magazine. Isn't it Gorgeous!

Here is  another  flowering  beauty, which was   created months   ago and  debuted again in our  magazine. It's  Iris Flower Pot Pretties  created  by  one of  our Creative Team Designers Aletha J. Wiliams.  Another  amazing beauty!

Next  we  have  another  glorious  blooming  Flower Pot  Pretties, created   months  ago by  and copyrighted like  all  of my images. Sparkles Stargazer Lily  Flower Pot Pretties  officially   debuted to the public in  the Lacy Sunshine Crafter's  magazine with  Thea's amazing creation.  By  the  way  Thea is one of my  wonderful  Sunshine Girls. Isn't her  creation  awesome?

Now  for  some  amazing  blooming  Flower Pot Pretties  created and colored by  my   team Designers and  Fans!   Isn't  it  amazing  all the wonderful projects  created with  Lacy Sunshine's   original  blooms? 

From Gill Mcall  one of  our Creative  Team Designers.....

And now from our  fans!

 Also don't   forget   we  are having  the HELP SAVE THE FLOWER POT  PRETTIES Campaign and  Contest...  so please  come and  join us in our  Lacy Sunshine Facebook  Group  for  some   fun and   your chance  to  win some  amazing prizes.

Have  an  amazing  crafty  day and   come back tomorrow  to  see more  amazing  blooming  Flower Pot Pretties  Creations and colorings!

Hugs ,


  1. These are all so gorgeous! Love them all. The clock is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

  2. Very beautiful stuff you have here!

  3. What a lot of pretties on show - lets continue to show our support and SAVE THE PRETTIES :-)