Saturday, June 28, 2014

Look at all the Flower Pot Pretties

Hi  Fellow Crafters!

I hope  you are  all  having a  fabulous  day!

Today  I  would like  to  share with you  just  a  few  of the  AMAZING   Flower Pot Pretties creations  from  my    wonderful  fans and  design  team members  who  are  participating in   our Lacy Sunshine's  "Save  the  Flower Pot Pretties Campaign and  Contest"!

Enjoy  all the  incredible blooms below!  If you  would like to participate in this  FUN and EXCITING  Contest  and  win  some  Fabulous  prizes..  please   check out below  for  all the  details.

Have a  terrific  day  and   don't  forget to  check out  the one and only  original flower pot pretties  digis  in  our  Crafter's  Shoppe.


(story copyright Heather Valentin/Lacy Sunshine)

In the wee hours of a stormy night, a creature unlike any seen before was lurking in from the shadows of artist Heather Valentin's studio green house. It was an evil Buggmee! A Sherry Stinkbug Buggmee! Big bouffont hair, kooky eyes, and a giant snaggle tooth! We cant' help but see those huge ears, which are perfect to catch every lil sound in the atmosphere!

What's the worst thing about Sherry "Stinky" Buggmees? They lurk in the shadows and fester, leaving a bad "Stinky" trail that wilts everything in its path.
Even though it's "Stinky" and has that kind of " ugly duckling look"... It's still a charmer and with one look can cast a spell upon everyone and everything making this Buggmee irresistible.
Why oh why could this Sherry Stinky Buggmee be in Heather's greenhouse??? It wants to wilt her magical Flower Pot Pretties, draining them of their adorable charms and beauty, turning them into Stinky evil minions.

So we must help save Heather's Flower Pot Pretties NOW and PROTECT them from the evil Stinky Buggmee.

This is your chance to have some CRAFTY FUN and WIN SOME AMAZING PRIZES!

COME JOIN our  most AWESOME LACY SUNSHINE FACEBOOK GROUP  for all the   exciting details!

***©Heather Valentin/Lacy Sunshine. All rights reserved.

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