Tuesday, July 15, 2014



( in  particular order)

My parents for their love and support.

My  two new little shih tzu puppies.

My  life. Which I   am   so  thankful  to God  for all his  blessings.

My  amazing talented  and supportive fans.

My  loving friends.

The  individual who  finds   my  work so inspiring  that they  must  copy  my  characters at every turn.

The  world in  all it's glorious beauty.

What  amazes  you?

 As   you can see  I  am in  a  very  thought provoking  mood  today:)

It turned into  a  nice  summer  rainy day and just been  doing  alot of   thinking and  soul searching. Sometimes, its nice to  sit  and  reflect on  your life and  all around  you. Sometimes its  just the  little  things, thoughts and  actions  that  really  inspire me and bring a  smile to my   heart:)

Anyway...   before I   end this  post  I  want to  share with you several  beautiful creations that have been  created  with  one of my  Rory  Digital Stamps.    A  few  weeks  ago, Tiets, one of my  creative  team members, asked if I  could  create  a  Rory  digi  for her   crafting club.  She   asked for  one to  work well with  a  gorgeous  lighthouse.  And  well here is the original digi  I  created. Rory Sailing.  (By the  way this image is  registered  with the copyright office).  As of   today  this  adorable  digi  is    now  available to  all my  fans. So please  come  visit my  Lacy Sunshine Crafter's  Candy  Shoppe  to   get this  precious  stamp  now.

Now  enjoy   some  gourmet  crafter's   eye  candy  featuring  the original  Lacy Sunshine Rory Sailing.

Have a  great day  my  fans and  friends!




  1. Absolutely jaw dropping gorgeous!!!

    Loved reading your post too. I also have days like you and I feel it does wonders just to sit back, relax and look at life.... Hugs girl, you're doing an awesome job.

  2. wow...stunning creations!! beautiful!!

  3. WOW! What a talented group! I could spend all day drinking in the fabulous details. Sure wish I could join you. Just love that adorable new Rory! They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but sometimes it's just STEALING! One of these days, what goes around comes around. xxD