Monday, September 1, 2014


****CONTEST****  Since Christmas is right around the corner and we are seeing lots of Christmas in July challenges as well as Christmas images appearing all around the crafting and blogging world, we have decided to have a brand new contest and we are so excited for you to play along!

Our Contest is to HELP DECORATE OUR LACY SUNSHINE CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENT CONTEST!!  That's right, pick any Lacy Sunshine image or images and create an ornament.  Your ornament can be 3D, single layer, multi layer, whatever you want - we really want to see your creativity shine through!!  You will be making these ornaments for Heather's White Christmas tree that will be displayed in her craft room.

All ornaments are to be mailed to Heather by Sept. 1.  Once you have made your ornament, please e-mail Audrey ( and I will send you the PO Box address of where to mail your ornament(s).  All ornaments Heather receives will be featured in our next issue of the Lacy Sunshine Magazine* as well as be entered into the prize draw.  We have prizes in many different categories, so the more ornaments you enter, the better your chance of winning!!

*Sending your ornament to Heather qualifies as legal consent to have your project published in our Lacy Sunshine magazine and for any promotional purposes related to Lacy Sunshine.

Sure hope you will come join the fun!  Let us know if you have any questions.  Hugs!!

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  1. kewl..we are sending you the actual ornament to decorate an actual tree??