Thursday, July 31, 2014

Patchy Penny Sweet Urchin

Today, I am pleased to  announce the  official  public  debut of a darling  NEW Lacy Sunshine Sweet Urchin!

Please  meet...... Patchy Penny!

This   little  Sweet Urchin created by the one and  only Heather Valentin.... is  so Precious. As  you can  see  by the  amazing  coloring and  creation  from Sunshine Girl, Ria.....she is a   dream  to color  with  all  her patchworks and  tattered bows in her  lush  wavy   hair!

Thank you  Ria   for  the  amazing   eye candy!. Now....  If you  want to  adopt  Patchy  Penny, a NEW SWEET URCHIN and   start creating  amazing  projects  with her..... then   hop on  over  to  Our  Lacy Sunshine Crafter's  Candy Shoppe. She is  now available in the  new  section to   our  shoppe!

Have  a super  crafty  day   everyone!
The Lacy Sunshine Family!

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