Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Sugi Filled Day.

Hi Sunshiny Crafters.

Fall is in the air... ahhhhhhhh! It's  probably my  most  favorite  time  of   year. Well ok  a  very  close  second to  Winter. 

There is  a  slight  chill in the  air and with the leaves  beginning to   change  and  that   means... drumroll please......  Halloween is   around the corner!!!!  Ok,  I  don't  want to  jump   to  Halloween  too fast.... we must  enjoy the  beautiful  array  of  colors   Mother  Nature  bestows on  us, as the  leaves  change  from  green to the  glorious golds and  reds.  Pure nature sweetness.

Sweetness.....did I  say? Well,  at   Lacy  Sunshine...  we  must   be  referring to  my  newest  character...Sugar Plum Sweet Urchin.  She  goes  by "Sugi"  for  short.  
Below are  some  amazing creations  by my  a few  of my   Sunshine   Designers ...Thea, Ria, Gill  and Caroline.  Featured  is  my Sugi Sweet Urchin and Sugi Christmas Angel.  Isn't  it  amazing   how  various  colors  provide  different  magical inspirations?
Some sophisticated. Some Heavenly and  Some  just  pure Sugary Fun!   Thank  designers for  creating some  amazing  eye candy!  

Now if you  want to  add  lil Sugi  to  your  crafting world... visit my  shoppe  and indulge.
Have a terrific  day everyone!

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  1. Oh how precious! It's so much fun seeing how different she can look with the varied color schemes. She's too stinkin' cute! xxD