Friday, September 19, 2014


Hi everyone!

Happy Friday  to you!

What  a beautiful  day it is today up north!  I  woke up  this morning to this  glorious view from  the  deck of our cabin  and thought I  would  share it  with.

  There is  something so  relaxing  about being up north in  God's  Country.  Today the  air is  crisp. One  knows  Jack Frost is on  his  way in the  next  few weeks.  So it's nice  to  be  able to  enjoy  the  touch of  autumn   for  the  weekend.  Plus,  for me  as  an  artist  it's  great inspiration  to have a change of pace  from city life.

Before, I  end this post  today....   please make  sure you  check out  the Noor! Designs USA Blog!  I  really  am  thrilled   with this amazing  venture  with Jolanda and  Noor! Designs:)

Also  make  sure  you   mark  your calendars  for Sept. 22, come  back here  for  a HUGE  Lacy Sunshine Announcement!

Hope   you  have  a  wonderful crafty   day  everyone and please  take  a minute  or  two our of  your  day  to enjoy the  world  around  you!

Hugs, Heather



  1. Beautiful..and i do Heather everyday..we live on 160 acres of all forest land..mornings are my favorite..i go out in my gardens with my coffee to meditate for awhile..nothing like it..Your place is beautiful much peace..tfs..loves ya

  2. Oh Heather, Im so jealous as that view is so gorgeous!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with hubby so relax while you can!!
    Cant wait now until the 22nd when you give us that fantastic news that you are keeping from us, again... lol
    {{{{Happy Crafting Hugs}}}}
    Marg ;0 xxx