Friday, September 12, 2014

They bring smiles to everyone's heart.

Hi  everyone!

Hope you are having a   terrific   sunshiny  crafting  day!

Today its  all  about  my  ever  so Sweet Urchins!  Yes, primarily  the one and only  Lacy Sunshine's   Sunshine Girl..... RORY.

So sit back  grab  a   latte or  some  tea  and  enjoy the  amazing eye  candy...  Lacy  Sunshine style!

So let's  roll  out the  red  carpet   for  our   stars.....  Rory, Johnny,  and Sugi Plums...


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Hope you enjoyed  our mini Sweet  Urchin Video.   Want to   create  with one  of the  original.. the only and only  Sweet Urchins...   visit my   Lacy Sunshine Shoppe. There is   plenty  of  sweetness to  choose  from!

Happy  crafting  and  have a  sunshiny  day!

@ Copyright Heather Valentin/ Lacy Susnhine
All rights reserved.