Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lacy Sunshine's Enchantresses Take the World by Storm

Hi  Fellow  Crafters!

Hope everyone is having a  glorious day!

As  you have   seen  over the past  couple of  weeks...  my  latest   collection  the Ethereal  Enchantresses  is   taking the  crafting  world  by  storm! This is  a  copyrighted collection  which  I have been working on  for  several months....  and  well all I  can  say is   I am  so THRILLED   that  you  are  all loving them so!!!

Daily  new  Enchantresses  have  been  flying  into my  shoppe  for  all your  crafting needs. So please  make  sure you  check  my  shoppe  often  to  see  all the new   Beauties!

Each  are  so  different and unique.... and  nowhere   else   can  you  find  these   beauties  except   for here....  from my   creative  mind and  art  desk to  my  shoppe and  them  home  to your   crafting  table  to  create  amazing  projects!

I  need to  remind  you  that Lacy Sunshine is   the  ORIGINAL   home  and  creator  of  my  Ethereal   Enchantresses!

Now  with that  being   said ..  There is    someone   really  naughty in the  crafting   world!!!!  You know  lurking about in the   shadows is that  "other  artist" who sits  and  waits   for   my  next  new   idea, like my Enchantresses  to  come  about.  Just like  she  did  with my Rory,  Flower Pot Pretties  and  The  Boo's.  (I'm not  mentioning  her name  for  everyone knows  who I am referring too)  I  should  say  she  does this  too all  other  successful artist  because she has no  creative bone in her  body. You know I  was just thinking  being naughty like this means  Santa will be   bringing   her nothing  but  a big   bag of  coal!
So ... just  remember  support the original   artists...  not the  knock off  wannabee's.

Now  let's   take a  look  at some of the amazing   Ethereal  Encahntress creations  made my   by    fans and  team designers! Enjoy the  marvelous  eye candy!


PS- To  "the other  artist"...  if you  want my  next  original idea... just  give me  a call or  send me  an  email you know my  number and   email addy! LOL
 You know its  been  a  few  years  now  since I have NOT been affiliated with  you,  when are you  going to move on and  do  your OWN thing? Don't  you think it's  about  time?


  1. what beautiful creations. We can't do them without your gorgeous images.
    keep them coming and thanks xx

  2. awesome!!! beautiful drawings.

  3. GORGEOUS creations ladies and I am one of them...xxxxx

  4. The enchantresses are by far THE most amazing creations to come out of your creative mind. Whats makes them even more special is the fact that we can suggest one to you and you will draw it. I for one suggested Kitty the Meow Enchantress and you drew her to the exact detail i described. That is talent and creativeness. Enchantresses Rule !!