Saturday, October 24, 2015

Bloomin Treasures TM

'Tis my faith that every flower
Enjoys the air it breathes!
~William Wordsworth, "Lines Written in Early Spring," Lyrical Ballads, 1798

Hi Lacies!

Shortly  after  Lacy Sunshine  opened it  doors  a few   years  ago..... our Lacy Sunshine Greenhouse  was  born.  A  place where  my original  Flower Pot Pretties emerged.   Magical  flower  sprites, fairies and beings that  have  warmed  and brightened  crafter's  hearts  of  all ages.   With  every  Flower Pot  Pretty TM, Bloomin Beauty TM and  now  Bloomin Treasures TM, as   with  my  all  characters,  each is   created with  love.  I  truly believe that the  love I have  for my  craft.... over  flows  into all my images and  then onto  each  of my  fan's crafting tables. 

I  often  get  told by my  devoted  fans, who  I  treasure,  that  even though  my  images  are   constantly being  infringed upon, by  well you know  who,  and  the names of  my  collections being  constantly used , that  my  original   characters  have   individual personalities  and  show  genuine  love. (Something  the  artist images  lack).  That in itself  warms  my  heart.

For  me  all my   characters  are like my  children. As  I   sketch I breath life into them  and  once the  last  pen  mark is  done  my  character  is alive.  There is no  copying and pasting  of the  image  heads  repeatedly onto  other  bodies. Each is  hand   drawn   with a  pencil  and  sketch pad, then   inked or  outlined , scanned and  uploaded   for my   wonderful  fans  to  enjoy.   No   computer  drawing here. I guess I  am old  fashion,   with the  same  mentality  you might  say  as  with  e books  and  hardback books. Nothing  compares  to  holding  true  physical  book in  hand  turning   each page  and well, for me  drawing with a pencil and  sketch pad  is the  same.

Each  of  my   copyrighted  Flower Pot Pretties,  Bloomin  Beauties and  now Bloom Treasures  captures  the   elegance  and  magic  of  real  flowers which is  very important  to me.   Now  like  with  anything  thing  else the original  art work is  always  the best.  Just like  when you  by  macaroni  and  cheese. Kraft  and  Velveeta  reign  supreme  over  no name  store brand.  Lacy Sunshine  originals  reign  over the  knock offs.  She is  always   going  to be out there  watching  and  copying, we know  this  because  she  has  done it  for countless of   years,  just  remember  the   original is  always  superior. 

Now,  over the  past  couple of   days, I have  publicly   debuted   my latest   collection Bloomin Treasures TM.   They   can  be   found in my  greenhouse(wink),  my Lacy Sunshine  shoppe and  available  for  cultivation(wink) by your  crafty hands.  I truly hope you love  these new blooms.  Just  like   flowers   .... our  greenhouse  will always  have  something  new  and  original  Bloomin  in the   Garden.  

One  last note,  that  someone  near and   dear once  told me, its not  the  first person  who  crosses  the   finish  line who  wins, its  the   who  perseveres  and  fights  against  all odds.

Meet   some of the  new  Bloomin Treasures TM.

Queen Anne's Lace- Sanctuary

 and Pink Camellia- Longing  For You

Enjoy   my  wonderful  Lacies and   have  a  beautiful  day.

All rights  reserved.©Heather  Valentin Lacy Sunshine


  1. These are so beautiful! Noone can take the place of the best!

  2. Well Said Heather-You are truly one in a Million and WE all love the Original!

  3. Heather very inspiring..I truly adore all your images. Im so looking forward to the day my coloring improves so I can color your images as beautiful as you create them all :) ~Hugs, Trina

  4. Thank you for this new collection! I sincerely hope that you will go on creating and that I can go on colouring and crafting!! Hugs, Mieke