Sunday, January 24, 2016

My ART Being Sold Illegally... still

Hi Everyone!

Every  once  in  a while I need   to make  a post like this, which  I   really  dislike  doing. But  I  need to   alert  the   public and  my fans,  that   my   art  is   being  illegally   manufactured, sold and  displayed  on  some  sites.

This  manufacturer, even per  cease  and  desists  dated   back  as  far  as  Nov  2012,  still is  insisting  on  selling my   artwork on   products  to  this  date.

Here   are   links  to   my  artwork  that  is  illegally  being  sold.  I  ask  that  you  refrain   from   purchasing  my  art   from  illegal  manufacturers  and  distributors and  only   from   sites  that  are  legally  allowed to  carry  my  products.

Thank you    for  your   support and  cooperation in this matter.  Also   should you   ever  have  a  question  about   who is  authorized to   carry  my  art  please  dont    hesitate  to   ask.

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  1. Such a shame these companies do not even follow their own mission statements. This from the Fairy Society: Part of our mission at The Fairy Society echoes the feelings of a bygone age where courtesy was once respected Obviously they do not consider theft as being discourteous.