Tuesday, January 17, 2017

An Avid Reader.

Hi Lacies!

As most as  you know I  am an  avid reader, one of my all time favorite authors is Stephen King! I have every single on his books in  hardback and paperback.  No Stephen King books on  my kindle.

There is  something so  special about  holding  a book in  your hands and  turning those pages.  Now  don't get me wrong, kindles  and  ebooks  are great, but the actual "real" book in  your hands... that is  pure magic!

So with that being said, my Wix character, is  an  avid  reader too. (wink) So I  am pleased to have Wix's Storytime Moon make her  public  debut!
Heather Valentin ©Lacy Sunshine. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Now this  moon cutie is now available in the Lacy Sunshine  shoppe and  for the next  24 hours its  available  at at  very  special  price. So  hurry  and get this Wix now.

Have a wonderful day!

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