Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fall In LOVE....

Hi Lacies!

It's time to Fall In Love ... at Lacy Sunshine with  the lovable and irresistible LOXIE!

From my Enchanted Kingdom Collection....Loxie,  is an adorable character, with  her  wild  curly hair and mismatched  clothes and  has  a  great  love of  keys. 

This time, Loxie is sitting on her beautiful  regal  key in this coloring sheet/digi stamp titled
Loxie... Key To My Heart.
Heather Valentin©Lacy Sunshine. All rights reserved.

 She is  perfect for  fantasy  lovers and  for  our  next  major upcoming  holiday... Valentine's Day!

Loxie is  available in  the Lacy Sunshine Shoppe and  don't  forget to  check out the new Lacy Sunshine Kokeshi Dolls too!

Happy coloring and crafting!
Hugs, Heather


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