Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Lacies!

Today is the start of a fresh new year! I know  2017 is   going to be  a phenomenal year  here  at Lacy Sunshine! With  each  new  year, we all look  back  and  reflect  on  our lives  and  accomplishments and  strive to  make each year better.   So its been  a  wonderful  thought provoking  day.

With  the  holidays over.. it  was nice to  spend  a quiet and  relaxing  day  drawing and  looking  at all of my  characters  throughout the years! There  have  been  a  bunch of them to  say the  least. Each  reflects   a lil bit of me and it  was a wonderful  walk  down memory lane.

I want to  share with you  tonight  three work in progress pictures from my latest  Kokeshi Doll Collection.   These three feature some of my  most beloved copyrighted  characters.....

First  let's  start with  a wip of my  Mayde Kokeshi Doll. All of you know  Mayde, our  Lacy Sunshine resident cleaning character who  was   created  a  while  ago. I  so  LOVE her!
Heather Valentin©Lacy Sunshine

Then  there is Wix Kokeshi Doll..... she is  another cutie!
Heather Valentin@Lacy Sunshine

And  last but not least  tonight is  Lil Peanut Kokeshi Doll. Cuteness overload!
Heather Valentin@Lacy Sunshine

I am  so  in love  with this collection. Just  brings  my most  beloved characters and their  signature  looks into  a  whole new light, which I  find  simply  irresistible, as I hope you  do the  same.

Before I  sign off  of this  post... once again I  wish you  all  a very Happy and  Blessed 2017.

Hugs, H

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