Thursday, January 5, 2017


Hi Lacies!

I began taking down all the Christmas decorations today.  I  kept hearing little giggles, wings a fluttering and  the faint sounds of  papers rustling. It  was not  a continuous  noise  just  here and there... enough to  make me think to myself "hmmmm what could that be"?

The faint noise  kept up and I decided it was time to investigate!

The closer I got to the Lacy Sunshine Greenhouse the sounds were getting  louder and louder.   I reached  for the door, turning it  slowly. Peeked my head  in  and  heard  something flutter off into the  shadows. I slowly stepped in and saw tiny  red hearts scattered on the floor. I  followed the trail which lead to  dainty  work  table that  had one of my sketch books laying open.  More tiny  red hearts all over the book. I gently swept off these lil valentine hearts and their was my new Sherry Stinky Buggmee - LOVE STRUCK character I recently finished.
Heather Valentin

I  heard soft  giggling   and  wings  fluttering again. I guess this Buggmee is really LOVE STRUCK and  gave  me  its  seal  of  approval  with all the  hearts. Awwwww(big smiles)

Love is in the air  for sure now around here in the  Lacy Sunshine Studios and Greenhouse!

This Love Struck Buggmee is now available in the Lacy Sunshine Shoppe and is  perfect for your  Valentine's Coloring and  Projects!

Wait what is  that.... more wings  a  fluttering.... could it be more Buggmees?

Happy Coloring and Crafting,
Hugs, Heather

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