Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Easter and Spring Blasts From The Past

Hi Lacies!

I so love  stepping  back in time and  looking  back at  past images I have  created over the  years.

It's  a  nice  walk  down memory lane  and I want to  share  some images with you  today, so  we  can  take this  journey  together.  It's fun holding the original image in your hand, remembering  every pencil line I drew.

Today's  theme is Spring and  Easter!  Yes... I have  been thinking  alot about  spring.  The  cold  dreary  weather kind of  makes  me  wish  the  groundhog  predicted an  early spring.  Since he  didn't we will make our own  spring today!

Remember  my Eleanor, Pickles and Tilly Bunny Trail... by the way  these are  all available in  the Lacy Sunshine  Shoppe!  This is probably  one of my  favorite E and P  Easter characters I have drawn.
Rory Eggstra Delivery! One of my all time favorites!  
And  we hop on  down the bunny trail with Bashful  Bunny Boo! Cuteness overload!  

There  are  so many characters I  have  created over the  years, each one  holds   a  special place in my  heart.

I hope you have  enjoyed this  little  blast  from the past!

As always, Color. Create. Dream and Believe.. Lacy Sunshine.

Hugs, Heather

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