Monday, February 27, 2017

Heather Valentin Artist For Lacy Sunshine

Hello Everyone!

I would like to make a statement to  clarify confusion in the scrapbooking and  coloring world as to who creates for Lacy Sunshine.

I, Heather Valentin, am the artist who  hand draws and  creates  every single image for Lacy Sunshine.   The artist Sherri Baldy is not affiliated nor has  she ever been with Lacy Sunshine. Baldy is also NOT the true artist behind my original copyrighted characters.

Now I realize the similarities  are uncanny and that is due to the fact, she insists on creating knockoffs of my characters. Her versions ALWAYS come out after mine. It could be within  24 hours to  a month or  so later... but there they are.  I am not the only artist  she has done this to, as  I am sure many of you are all too well aware of that fact.  Due to her insistence on using my characters, Lacy Sunshine Owner filed a copyright infringement suit against her which is currently in US District Court of California. It is public  record should you like to google the case. You can  also  verify copyrights  via  the US copyright office and even look at  the  dates when I release  something then she  releases its. Dates DO NOT lie.

Also, below is  a screenshot of my  Lacy Sunshine's Blog  Live Feed Widget which shows  visitors. Now I know her  team monitors my store and blog constantly. Check out Mountain View, California... scurrying my older posts  for  her next  creations.  Really sad. Be original. Be true to yourself and  draw your own work. Now if you want to know what I have planned for the  next  couple of  weeks as  for new releases... give me a call, you have my number.

So please to my   fans  and general public, I ask that  you  give proper  credit to the true artist when you make posts as to  which coloring book  or image  you are  coloring and posting. That is so very very important.

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