Friday, April 28, 2017

Dragaisy Dragon Flower Pot Hatchling

Hello... RoRa is here for my inspiration post in April.. Today I want to showcase Dragaisy Dragon Flower Pot Hatchling .. the cutie which you can find here.. Colouring the cutie with copic marker..

I use colours as follows:
Green: G28 - YG17 - YG25 - YG03 - YG00 - Y00
Red: R27 - R14 - R22 - R20 - R00
Yellow: YR27 - YR23 - Y17 - Y11
Brown: E79 - E77 - E74 - E71

And here's my simple card..

Thank you so much for stopping by today.. and till the next post then.. cyaa..


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